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Interlachen, Inc. Homeowner’s Association – Special Meeting
Saturday, June 19, 2010
Welsh Park, 11:00 AM

Board Members Present:

Gregg Whitehead – President
Allen Johnson– Vice President
Roger Keast- Treasurer
Erika Teyema – Secretary
Jeff Townsend – Blue Lake
Jeff Hauck – Road/Parks
Tammy Reynolds – Membership
Excused: Debbie Weaver – FLOPA/IWPUD

1. Call to Order 11:30 AM & Reading of Proposed Motion for New Dock
a. Motion reads, “Motion to authorize the board to build and dock and ramp at Welsh Park and to increase the budget by $2500 from reserves.”
b. Gregg opened the floor to discussion
2. Discussion of Motion
a. Jerry Mylet questioned what gains the dock will bring to Interlachen, Inc. Responses included:
Providing a safer access to the lake (as the shoreline is currently fairly rocky and unstable)
Offering a place for Interlachen Members who reside on Fairview Lake a place to dock their boats and use the park
Providing access to Blue Lake Residents a safe place to launch kayaks or canoes
b. A member wondered about the insurance of the proposed dock. Roger Keast assured members it will be covered. Rates could increase up to $500 a year. He will be able to get an official quote/estimate once the project is completed.
c. Another member wanted to board to be aware of several large rocks in the proposed area.
d. Concerns about floating docks were addressed. This price is considerably less than any other docks researched. Additionally, with the large fluctuation of water levels of Fairview Lake, it is believed that a floating dock is the best option. The dock is floated by 2ft barrels so it should rest about 18” above water.
e. Concerns about small children and safety were discussed. Many parents felt that they will always have to watch their children near the water and that the park dock did not propose any greater threat. It was also felt that many children on Interlachen have a greater awareness of water safety.
f. The park shoreline was also a subject of concern. Members thought perhaps more money should be funded for this project and clean up the rocky shoreline. Board members responded that they are currently researching options to improve the shoreline.
g. Members requested new Private Property signage for the park. Nearby neighbors have seen a fair amount of usage from non-members/non-residents. A request for signs in English, Spanish, and Russian was made. The sign also needs to have park hours as there has been some late night activity. Mel Rieff had concerns about the dock increasing usage of the park by non-members.
h. Ronni Golan wondered if the association was liable if a non-member used the park/dock and was injured. It is believed that the association could always be sued and that is why we carry liability insurance.
i. Debra R wanted the association to know that as a new resident she saw the present sign and didn’t know she had access to the park. People who follow rules will follow rules and those who break them will likely break them…regardless of signage. She felt this was a project that built neighborhood unity and we should not let people who break rules influence us or keep us from building something we would enjoy.
j. Karen Whitehead added that many city parks and riverfronts have docks. She noted that good people have requested this and we should look at the positive effect this will have rather than focusing on the negatives.
k. Erika Teyema raised the possibility of a gate on the bridge to the dock.

3. Calling of the Question
a. Tom Burns called the question.
b. Allen Johnson seconded.
4. Motion Passes.
a. The motion passed with 43 in favor and 2 against.
b. Several members abstained from the vote.
5. The board will add to their July agenda new signage for the park along with guidelines for reserving the park for special events.
6. Meeting adjourned.