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Minutes of Interlachen Board Meeting

June 7, 2010

7:00 PM, Keast Home

Present: Jeff Hauck, Betty Keast, Roger Keast, Allen Johnson, Tammy Reynolds, Erika Teyema, Jeff Townsend, Debbie Weaver, Greg Whitehead

Meeting called to Order 7pm

The minutes from the May board meeting were approved with the following correction. The western property line in the park is approximately 20 feet from the edge of the new play structure border (5 feet from the home of the park neighbor).


The pancake breakfast will be Sat. June 19th from 9am-11am rain or shine. The theme for the breakfast is “show your Interlachen spirit.” Shirts will be available for purchase…or just wear blue and white. Pancakes, eggs and ham will be on the menu.

The 4th of July Kids Parade will be at 1pm this year. All participants are asked to meet at the west end of the street at 12:45pm. Everyone is invited to join. Kids can decorate bikes, trikes, wagons, etc. Last year we also had several decorated cars. This year we are also hoping for spectators…so please come out to the ends of your driveways and cheer the patriotic kids (and adults) on!

The July carnival will be Thursday, July 15. The date was changed from the Saturday due conflicting events like Gresham Art Walk and Troutdale Summerfest. The August picnic will feature the band The Shwing Daddies and a campfire in the park is planned for September. Allen Johnson and Gregg Whitehead are organizing a campfire folk band. Let them know if you are interested in playing.


No report.


No report.


No report.


Roger submitted financial reports. The current balance is $31,943.17. Several bills were submitted.

$319.50 – Interlachen T-shirts to be sold (we’ll get that money back)

$3.84 – Roger Keast – envelopes

$126.00 – Jeff Townsend- 2010 boat stickers

$87.37 – PGE – monthly lighting

$300.00 – Park and Easement Maintenance

$50.00 – Tammy Reynolds – Park Toys

Motion for bills to be paid. The motion was passed unanimously.


FLPOA – Debbie Weaver

Debbie reported from the PUD meeting. There are plans to asphalt by pump #1 and the City of Fairview broke and fixed a pipe on 216th. Allen Johnson suggested we inquire about the benches located at the park of the future Fairview Lake Boat launch.

BLUE LAKE – Jeff Townsend

Jeff Townsend made a phone call to the park regarding a noise incident. He also requested the boards assistance in collecting boat fees from member(s) who already have boats on the lake. Jeff is concerned that we may not collect enough money in boat fees to cover water fills this year. He reported that even with all the rain the lake water levels are down. The board voted unanimously to send a letter on behalf of the Interlachen Board to any member who does not pay their boat fees. There was discussion about how all FLPOA members pay a $75 lake fee and it was questioned why all Blue Lake residents were not being assessed for the lake fills. A motion was made to establish a committee to review and develop a proposal for a Blue Lake Fee as well as look into alternatives (contacting the City of Portland and/or Boeing about their usage of our aquifers). The motion was passed with all in favor. Allen Johnson will chair the committee and appoint additional members to the committee consisting of Roger Keast, Jeff Townsend, Erika Teyema, and Gregg Whitehead.


Due to the inclement weather many of Jeff’s projects were put on hold. He reported that he did remove a concrete bench that was broken in half and will replace the basketball hoop and tackle the Interlachen Bulletin Board with Jeff Townsend once we get a few nice days. Jeff and Gregg are still looking into the ownership of the east Interlachen Street sign property.

Jeff has a price for a 8X20 aluminum dock with wood decking by Rolling Barge. Other quotes have been far more. After much discussion, a motion to hold a special meeting to purchase this dock was made. The motion was passed with a unanimous vote. The special meeting will take place at 11am on Saturday, June 19th, immediately following the pancake breakfast.

The board decided to hold off on any gravel, sand, rock for the shoreline as the water levels are up at Fairview Lake and the ground is really too wet for any machinery or trucks to driving on the grass. Jeff noticed that there are a few potholes that may need to be dealt with and the board asked him to ask Curt Knight for a referral. Finally, he wondered if there was a net for the volleyball poles and will check with the social committee on the location or purchase of a new one.

MEMBERSHIP – Tammy Reynolds

Tammy has new phone lists for anyone who requests. There are 94 members and we have collected all but 8 emails. We just now need to get those members with email to subscribe to the website. Help is available if you are interested.

SPECIAL COMMITTEE REPORT – Fairview Sewage Increase

A meeting was held with the Mayor of Fairview about the sewage increase. A forum is being held on June 16th at 6:30pm at Fairview City Hall to discuss this matter. Any person may have the floor for 3 minutes. Jeff Townsend plans to ask them to repeal this rate increase. If this matter is important to you, please attend this meeting. The number of people attending this workshop could affect the outcome.


At the end of the last meeting, Debbie Weaver brought up the possibility of purchasing benches for the area near the new play structure. Other parents and grandparents have since made a similar request. A motion to purchase park benches up to $300.00 was made and passed with all in favor. Erika, Tammy, Jeff and Debbie will make the decision on what bench(es).


  1. BLIA is looking into Weevils and raking as possible solutions for the weeds. They may be looking to go back the residents to help defray these costs.
  2. The lack of “restroom facilities” at the park was discussed. Tammy had a quote for $87.50 per month with a one time $35 drop off fee and weekly cleaning. A motion to rent a portable toilet for the summer (Memorial Day through Labor Day) was passed with a unanimous vote.
  3. The location of the boat trailer and utility trailer in the park was discussed. Jeff will talk to Clive at Blue Lake Park and to see about relocating them to the park storage lot located off Marine Drive. The utility trailer is available for members’ use, however, members should make sure their insurance permits usage.
  4. There are a couple of cars that appear abandoned on Interlachen Lane. Members have expressed concern regarding these cars – especially safety concerns should one of the cars roll off the edge and injure someone. A motion was made for letter to be sent from the Interlachen Board on behalf of the membership. The motion was passed unanimously.


Thanks to Karen Whitehead for painting the letters on the east Interlachen Street sign. The next meeting will be Monday, July 12th at 7pm at Erika Teyema’s Home.

A motion to adjourn at 10:20pm was passed with a unanimous vote.