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Minutes of Interlachen Board Meeting
May 10th, 2010
7:00 PM, Whitehead Home

Present:  Jeff Hauck, Betty Keast, Roger Keast, Erika Teyema, Jeff Townsend, Debbie Weaver, Greg Whitehead

Excused:  Allen Johnson, Tammy Reynolds

Meeting called to Order 7pm

The minutes from the April board meeting were approved.

Gregg acknowledged the new website and thanked board members for getting it done.  He reported on the prospect for the pickle ball court at Blue Lake Park.  Bettianne Goetz is working with the park to make that a possibility.  The Welsh Park lakefront was discussed.  A motion was made to form a committee to research different ideas to improve both Welsh Park and the Blue Lake Easement.  The motion was seconded and passed by all.  Gregg addressed the questions raised about a landscape license.  He checked with the landscape license board and learned that a license is not required for landscape maintenance.  A motion was made for Roger to look into insurance requirements regarding hiring/contracting lawn maintenance.  The motion passed with a unanimous vote.
Greg pulled up a Multnomah County property line site on his computer which clearly identifies property lines at Welsh Park as well as at the east Interlachen Street sign. According to the site, the western property line at Welsh Park is about 10 feet from the edge of the new play structure border.  A neighbor’s rock wall and sculpture are located on park property.  Gregg and Jeff will look into which neighborhood association owns the property on which the Interlachen sign is located.
Finally, Gregg expressed his desire for all board members to read Robert’s Rules of Order.  He made a motion to purchase 4 books.  The motion passed with all in favor.  In the future the books can be handed down to new board members along with a copy of specific board position responsibilities.

No report.

Erika reported that the new website is up and running.  We believe we have about 30-35 members signed up to receive automatic emails.  For the website to work how we intended, we really need to push to get all members subscribed.  It would be great if we could eliminate the costs incurred – as well as the environment impact – of all the paper flyers necessary to distribute information in the neighborhood.  Erika relayed that she will attempt to get people to sign up at the pancake breakfast and summer picnics.

Roger submitted financial reports.  The current balance is $32,797.20.  Several bills were submitted for May.
$43.00 – Jeff Hauck – sand
$51.00 – Jeff Hauck – fertilizer
$250.00 – Joe Hartman- Website redesign
$87.37 – PGE – monthly lighting
$87.54 – Erika Teyema – annual meeting mailing, stamps, and supplies
Motion for bills to be paid.  The motion was passed unanimously.
Roger has looked into CD rates but has not found anything worthwhile.

FLPOA – Debbie Weaver
Debbie reported the gate was closed and Fairview Lake levels will be rising to summer levels.

BLUE LAKE – Jeff Townsend
Jeff Townsend made a motion to put the year 2010 on the new Blue Lake boat sticker instead of the lot number.  The motion passed unanimously.  There was discussion about requirements for Blue Lake boat launching/gaining access to the bollard key.  A motion was made for all Blue Lake residents to be invoiced the $75 boat fee and to put in the billing notification that members will need to verify membership payment as well as provide copies of proof of ownership and size (title/ registration) as well as proof of liability insurance.   The board passed this motion with a unanimous vote.  Roger and Jeff will compose the invoice letter and get new stickers for 2010.
Jeff will work with BLIA members to get some information for the new website.  A BLIA meeting will be held on May 11, 2010 to elect a new president.  Thanks to Rick Myers for his year of service as BLIA President.

Jeff Hauck reported that he talked with the homeowner on the corner of Interlachen and Blue Lake Road – where the east Interlachen Lane sign is located.  The homeowner would not object to bark dust around the sign.  He also talked to Jack who is the owner of Big Eddy who confirmed the development plans earlier reported.  Jeff looked at the Blue Lake Easement bulletin board.  It needs to be replaced.  A motion was made for Jeff to build a new bulletin board.  It was passed with a unanimous vote.  The dirt area under the tree in Welsh Park was seeded, however, Jeff questions whether it will grow since the tree does not allow for much water.  The bill for 6 tons of sand was $43.  He is looking into figures for putting sand, pea gravel, or rock at the lakefront.  Finally, he will get the basketball hoop fixed this month and Gregg volunteered to power wash the court.  All board members are asked to examine the concrete benches and tables for safety for discussion at the next meeting.

MEMBERSHIP – Tammy Reynolds
No report.

SOCIAL – Betty Keast
No Report.

1.Jeff Townsend, Jeff Hauck, Mel Rieff, and Jack Taylor plan to talk to the Fairview mayor about how they overstepped in raising the sewer rates.
2.Debbie and Erika raised the possibility of purchasing a bench or benches for Welsh Park.  This item will be held for next month’s agenda.

The next meeting will be Monday, June 7 at 7pm at Erika Teyema’s Home.

A motion to adjourn at 10pm was passed with a unanimous vote.