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Interlachen, Inc. Homeowner’s Association – 80th Annual Meeting

Monday, April 12, 2010

Lake House, Blue Lake Park, 7:00 PM

Board Members Present:

Sue Myers – President Gregg Whitehead – Vice President

Roger Keast- Treasurer Jeff Townsend – Blue Lake

Jeff Hauck – Road/Parks Tammy Reynolds – Membership

Allen Johnson – FLOPA/IWPUD

Board Members Absent:

Erika Teyema – Secretary

Committee Members Present:

Betty Keast – Social/Nominations Rick Myers – BLIA

Ernie Brawley – Audit

  1. Call to Order & Adoption of Agenda
    1. Sue provided an overview of 80th Anniversary of Interlachen, Inc Homeowner’s Association. Past Board Members were honored.
    2. 46 members needed for quorum; Tammy Reynolds confirmed 58 in attendance. Meeting officially called to order.
    3. Agenda accepted.
  2. Reading & Approval of 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes
    1. Motion by John Wissler – Accept the minutes as posted. Motion seconded. Motion Passed.
  3. Reports of Officers
    1. President – Sue discussed highlights from 2008/2009. The main goal for the 2009 Board was to improve communication and unite the neighborhood. The results of the 2002 comprehensive neighborhood/membership survey were used to meet this goal.
    2. Vice President – Gregg reported that he was asked to join the board half way through the year. He was honored to be asked and jumped at the chance to become involved. By being on the Board, he hopes to help the neighborhood be a better place to live and involve all the groups (including Metro, Interlachen Home Owners-Blue Lake, and Interlachen Home Owners-Fairview Lake and FLPOA). Gregg identified areas he hopes to continue to focus on – our biggest assets, the parks and social gatherings.
    3. Treasurer – Roger reported the 2009-2010 Fiscal Budget was expected to be in the red. The Actuals were better by $ 7,924, due mainly to increased income (more dues collected and sale of Interlachen, Inc gear) and savings by Lake Commissioner and Parks Commissioner. Banking was switched from Bank of America to Riverview Bank. The interest rate on our checking account is now better than our old savings account with Bank of America.
  4. Reports of Commissioners
    1. Blue Lake – Jeff Townsend discussed the 2009 Lake/Boating season. It was a safe year on the lake with only a couple of complaint calls from Metro. The new Metro Parks Liaison is Scott Plaskill. The Lake was filled two (2) different times. It was hard to maintain water level with the extreme hot weather. Under new business new boat rules will be reviewed and voted on. The proposed rules are simplified version of the existing rules and the fee was changed to a flat $ 75.00. Jeff reminded everyone of the following key items: quick release for tubes are required, one person per tube, no high speed boating in the dark, and wake board pylons are illegal.
    2. Road/Parks – Jeff Hauck reviewed his agenda for the prior year. The main goal was to improve Blue Lake easement and Welsh Park. The landscape subcontractor was changed based on price. Three (3) new ideas to improve Welsh Park, a dock, a new small child’s play structure, and a sport court will be discussed in new business. The Blue Lake easement will be a focus for next year; at a minimum the stairs need substantial upgrades.
    3. Membership – Tammy reported the current membership is ninety-two (92) households, up two (2) from last year. All members are highly encouraged to provide e-mails to membership. E-mail communication will allow for better and more frequent communication to membership while saving time and money. She and Erika have organized a “Play Day in the Park” for children every Tuesday at 11:00 AM.
    4. FLOPA/IWPUD – Allen reported ARRA funds were sought for upgrading domestic water mains, however, they were not granted. We will be seeking other grants and funds to upgrade these mains. The upper 50 feet of Well #1 access road, the current Fairview Lake Boat Launch will be paved. This will improve the safety when removing boats from Fairview Lake. To help the membership locate water leaks, an “aquascope” was purchased. FLOPA is working to add a new Boat Launch at the northeast end of Fairview Lake (small park under the power lines). The clarity in Fairview Lake is better than it has been in the past 25 years due mainly to upstream improvements.
  5. Reports from Committees
    1. Social – Betty Keast thanked Bettianne Goetz for all her hard work as Social Chair. The 4th of July Parade was a hit and has been added to the official 2010 Events Calendar. As in the past we will have three (3) picnics in 2010, one of the picnics will have a carnival theme and one will be a campfire theme. Betty also reported that we would like to have a Street Sale and encouraged members to please sign-up. There will be a Holiday Lights Competition in December along with caroling and Santa. The Social Committee is always looking for more members and event volunteers.
    2. BLIA – Rick thanked Curt Knight, past-President of BLIA. He reported that BLIA is now a 501-(3) (c) non-profit organization and that the purchase of Solar Bees and agreement with METRO is in place. We have applied for five (5) grants. We have been turned down on four (4) of the grants. Rick introduced Mike Brown, director of METRO properties. On April 28th from 6 PM to 8 PM, METRO will hold a meeting at the Lake House to provide an update on the health of Blue Lake. Karen Williams, DEQ, will also be in attendance to discuss the remaining grant. The golf course and new clubhouse have been put on hold due to the current constraints on the economy.
    3. Audit – The books were reviewed and confirmed to be accurate. No issues were found.
    4. Nominations – Betty reported the terms of Roger, Allen, and Jeff have ended, however, all agree to remain on Board. Gregg would also like to remain on Board. Betty thanked our President, Sue, who will be leaving the Board. Betty nominated Debbie Weaver to fill the vacant board position. Ernie Brawly, Bettianne Goetz, Al Goetz, and Betty Keast have agreed to be on the next nominating committee.
  6. New Business
    1. 2010/11 Budget – Motion by Roger Keast – Accept the Budget as proposed – Motion seconded by Mel Rief. Motion Passed.
    2. Elect Board Members – Motion by John Wissler – Accept the recommendations of Nomination Committee for the new board. Motion seconded by Ernie Brawly. Motion Passed. Motion by John Wissler – Accept the new nominating committee. Motion seconded by Mel Rief. Motion Passed.
    3. Park Improvements – One of the biggest assets in the neighborhood is the Park. Three options were discussed to improve the park: Pickle Ball Court (Sport Court), Play Structure, and Dock. The possible addition of the dock will be deferred to next year. Further cost studies are required.
      1. Pickle Ball – Bettianne Goetz presented an overview
        1. Pickle Ball is a cross between tennis and ping pong. The court would have multiple uses; volleyball, etc. Minimum court size is 40’ x 22’ with an additional 5’ on each end and 2’ on each side. A fence would be required to keep from chasing the balls. Preliminary budgets range between $ 10K to $ 22K. Each resident would be required to provide their own paddles and balls.
        2. Questions raised – 1) Vandalism could be an issue? 2) Could existing Basketball Court be used for something? Pickle ball court will take up much of the park space. 3) Gresham Sewer Line goes through park, no permanent structure can be placed above 4) What percentage of green space will be lost to court? Approximately 1300 square feet. 5) Could METRO provide a space in Blue Lake Park for a Pickle Ball Court? Mike Brown indicated an existing basketball court could potentially be used at Blue Lake Park. More coordination would be required. 6) Wet weather in Oregon could cause court to be to slippery.
        3. Motion by Tom Burns – Table the Discussion. Motion seconded by Curt Knight. Motion Passed
      2. Play Structure – Tammy Reynolds presented an overview
        1. The proposed Play Structure is to accommodate children under the age of 6. Several play structure brands were reviewed and tested in person. Rainbow was selected based on Price and Durability. We have a unit on hold at the “Spring Sale” Price of $ 2500 (installed). We also propose to excavate area around play structure and install wood chips for safety at an additional cost of $ 1500. Motion by Dennis Meyer – Approve funding, not to exceed $ 4000, for new play structure, as recommended by the Board. Motion seconded by Dan Reynolds. Discussion Called.
        2. Questions raised – 1) Do we have insurance to cover play structure? Yes and if Rainbow installs their insurance provides protection. 2) Will the sewer line be a problem? No, the structure is not permanent. 3) Where will it be located? Plan is to locate structure at the bottom of the slide, southeast corner of park. 4) Who will take care of Maintenance? Parks and Recreation 5) Will the structure interfere with a possible Pickle Ball Court? Both should fit. 6) Where will we get the funds for structure? We have over $ 20K in reserve.
        3. Question Called by Tom Burns. President Requested votes be counted – 57 Yes; 0 against. Motion Passed
    4. Marine Drive Development – Dan Reynolds provided an informational overview on possible development of three (3) industrial lots along southwest end of Interlachen Lane (wooded area). One of the drive ways would/could be off of Interlachen Lane or Fairview Way. Curt Knight informed group the area may be to low to actually build on. Motion by Steve Nelson – Board establishes a committee to monitor potential development. Motion seconded by Mary Lou Johnson. Motion Passed. Ronni Golan volunteered to be on committee.
    5. Adopt Boat Rules – Motion by John Wissler – Accept the Boat Rules as written. Seconded by Ernie Brawley. Motion Passed
    6. Sewer Bill increase – Jeff Townsend provided an informational overview on recent sewer fee increase.
      1. Notification about the council meeting to discuss sewer fee rate hikes was posted on the Fairview City website, no other notification was provided. The sewer rate increase was passed as a “home rule”. All actions were legal. Only action we have is to talk with existing city council members, including those up for re-election. We need to voice our displeasure. Need to get at least 4 council members to go to City Hall.
      2. Discussion – Dennis Meyer provided a historical overview of sewer costs during the development of West Interlachen Lane. Joe Horton – expressed this was the only means Fairview has to tax Interlachen Residentss.
      3. Motion by Jack Taylor – Jeff Townsend to head committee to look into options regarding sewer rate fee increase. Motion Seconded by John Wissler. Motion amended by Mel Rief – Committee to formally represent Interlachen Inc. Homeowners Association. Seconded by Ernie Brawly. Motion Passed.
    7. Motion by Tom Burns – Add $ 1500 to budget to add rock to Welsh Park waterfront in order to cover large concrete debris. Seconded by Greg Whitehead; Discussion – Jeff Hauck has preliminary reviewed and the minimum cost would be $ 5000, not counting the required community labor to help install. Motion by Dennis Meyer – Table 1st motion, Parks and Recreation to develop a recommendation. Motion Seconded. Motion passed.
  7. Announcements
    1. New and improved Interlachen, Inc. Website will be launched shortly. Announcement will be sent to neighborhood.
    2. Future Play Dates – Every Tuesday at 11:00 AM – Welsh Park
    3. CDs are available for everyone showing historical documents of the Interlachen Inc, Homeowner’s Association
    4. Motion by nearly everyone – Adjourn Meeting. Seconded by everyone else. Meeting Adjourned.