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Minutes of Interlachen Board Meeting

March 8, 2010

7:00 PM, Teyema Home

Present: Jeff Hauck, Allen Johnson, Roger Keast, Sue Myers, Tammy Reynolds, Erika Teyema, Jeff Townsend, Greg Whitehead

Meeting called to Order 7pm

The minutes from the February meeting were approved.

Old Business/New Business

Prep for annual meeting

The board agreed to bring door prizes. They will be raffled out between reports.

Sue reminded all board members to turn in their annual report this week. The meeting will be held at the Blue Lake House from 7-9pm. The Social Committee will be providing snacks.

New Boat Rules – Jeff provided a copy of the proposed new condensed rules. There is no substantial change other than the changing of the fee structure (one $75 fee rather than boat fees and operator fees) and the allowing of Fairview Lake owners to launch canoes/kayaks off the Blue Lake Easement without fee. A motion was made that the condensed rules will be distributed to the membership for review before the annual meeting. It was seconded and passed unanimously.

Pickleball court, play structure and dock-

Jeff Hauck is prepared to present the pickleball court quotes for Bettianne Goetz as she will not be present at the annual meeting. Tammy Reynolds will present the costs for the new toddler/under 5 Rainbow play structure. A motion was made to hold off any presentation on the possibility of building a dock or boardwalk along the Welsh Park shore until the 2011 meeting. The motion was seconded. Board members discussed the concern that more time was needed to formulate a plan: dock versus boardwalk…rock versus retaining wall. There was concern that monies for the project could be depleted if the membership opted to build the pickleball court. The motion to delay the proposal of this project was passed unanimously.


Our current webmaster, Joe Hartman, submitted a bid to rework our website using a WordPress format similar to FLPOA’s site. The cost to make the changes would be $250 and the yearly maintenance fee would increase by $50 to $150. The new website will be more interactive. The home page will often be updated with important news and dates and membership can be alerted via email whenever there is new information posted to the site. Ideally, minutes and other correspondence can be easily accessed and distributed through the new website. Jeff would like to see the historical data located on CD included. A motion was made to accept the bid to change the website and pay the difference in the annual fee. The motion was passed unanimously. A presentation about the new website will be made at the annual meeting by Tammy Reynolds.

Marine Drive Development

Big Eddy Marina owners plan on developing land on the SW corner of Marine Drive and Interlachen. Dan Reynolds will share what he learned when he attended the early neighborhood notice meeting.

Sewage increase from City of Fairview

City of Fairview did not provide much information. Jeff Hauck and Ernie Brawley attended a Fairview Village meeting and did not feel their questions were answered. Interlachen members are rates were increased without representation. The board is attempting to sort rumor from fact. It has been established that Interlachen owns the line as it was purchased years ago with an LID. However, some board members felt that the rate increase is for the processing at the sewage treatment facility. Jeff Townsend offered to go on a fact finding mission. He will give a report at the annual meeting. If there is any recourse and the membership requests more action, the board will request those members to volunteer to form a committee at the annual meeting.


No report.


Greg wanted to make sure board members are elected according to the by-laws at the annual meeting.


Roger submitted financial reports. The current balance is $22,546.63. This includes a checking accounts totaling $12,291.42 and a savings account valued at $11,267.51. Bills paid this month are:

$87.15 PGE

$300.00 Landscaping

29.16 Betty Keast – Social

Motion for bills to be paid:

Jeff Hauck – lawn supplies $104.00

PGE – $87.37

Betty Keast – Storage shelves $207.96

Tammy Reynolds – Easter eggs and candy, stamps, $22.93 $13.93, $64.60

Sue – Supplies – $9.00

The motion was passed unanimously.


No report.


Roads and Parks – Jeff Hauck

Jeff Hauck purchased fertilizer for use in Welsh Park. There has also been a fair amount of trimming in the parks. The play structure has been power washed. Jeff looked at the shoreline of the park and recommends adding some rock. He has a quote for $30 a ton/delivered. We would need about $3600 to do it right. He also noted that we need some fill for the hill by the basketball court…it is washing away. Other members reminded Jeff that if the new play structure is passed at the annual meeting and an area is cleared out for it there will be plenty of fill. Jeff also suggested that the board consider year long park maintenance for the following year as much of the trimming could take place in the winter months. The trailer at Welsh Park belongs to Interlachen and can be used by the membership. It will be moved down closer to the shed .

MEMBERSHIP – Tammy Reynolds

54 households have paid membership dues so far. The deadline for early payment is approaching.

FLPOA – Allen Johnson

PUD met in February. They are pursuing a loan for $517,000 for 8inch main and meter bases through the state of Oregon. All but 16 water bills have been collected. Unpaid homes will be turned off after 60 days.

Social – Betty Keast

Roger reported in Betty’s absence. New shelves have been erected in the storage shed. He noted old lattice work from the gazebo leaning against the shed and recommended that to be removed. Also, noted that the net pole is still in Fairview Lake and needs to be removed.

Annual Meeting Agenda

Sue went over the annual meeting agenda. Jeff Hauck will contact Lydia Neal about talking about the golf course at the annual meeting. Greg discussed how the 2 year on/off is out of balance due to people starting and leaving terms out of sequence. A motion was made to elect 2 people to a one year term and 4 people to a two year term at the annual meeting. It was seconded and passed unanimously. Roger presented a budget totaling

$16, 380 of yearly expenditures for the annual meeting. There was a motion to accept the budget. The motion was seconded and passed with a unanimous vote.


The Annual Meeting will be Monday, April 12 at 7pm (board members are asked to be there by 6:30pm) and the next Board Meeting will be the following Monday, April 19 at 7pm at Roger Keast’s Home.

The first Interlachen Kid’s Play Date has been scheduled for next Tuesday, March 16 at 10 am at Welsh Park.

A motion to adjourn at 10pm was passed with a unanimous vote.