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Minutes of Interlachen Board Meeting

February 9, 2010

7:00 PM, Keast Home

Present: Jeff Hauck, Allen Johnson, Betty Keast, Roger Keast, Sue Myers, Tammy Reynolds, Erika Teyema, Gregg Whitehead

Excused: Jeff Townsend

Meeting called to Order 7pm

The minutes from the January meeting were approved.


Sue reported that she had taken a leave of absence due to a conflict with an association member. She has returned to the board and will finish out her term.


Gregg reported that there were no volunteers for the nominating committee. He has found an individual willing to fill one of the board of directors positions, however, per the by-laws, the nominations must come from the nominating committee. Betty Keast volunteered to be on the nominating committee. (Social Chairperson is not a board position.) Betty will attempt to find others to fill the empty spots on the nominating committee.


Roger submitted financial reports. The balance of the bank accounts is $12,291.42. The ING account is at $11,258.61. Bills paid this month include 86.99 to PGE and 47.92 to Sue Myers for supplies. A motion to pay PGE ($87.17), Betty Keast for shirt refunds and flag poles ($29.16), and Tammy Reynolds for envelopes ($4.67) was made. It was seconded and passed unanimously. The treasurer’s report was approved.



Jeff is shopping for the new basketball rim. Pedro submitted a $300 bill for Dec/Jan park maintenance. The board thought the contracted period was March 1 through November 30. The board made a motion to authorize payment of the bill but requested Jeff to remind Pedro of the contracted period and let him know he will not be paid again for unauthorized work. The motion passed with 5 in favor, one opposed, and one abstention.

MEMBERSHIP – Tammy Reynolds

Letters and invoices will be sent out February 15th. We will include a self addressed return envelope.

FLPOA/PUD – Allen Johnson

There was no FLPOA meeting. PUD – They will be pouring concrete at Pump 1. A neighborhood home had a leaking hose causing Pump 3 to run non-stop. Due to that incident, the PGE bill was $200 over the usual billing. PUD is looking to install water meters on homes that have above normal water usage to establish how much more water they are using. There was a positive hit on chloroform, however, the retest was negative. Allen talked to Bob Eaton at the Multnomah County Drainage District about a permit for the concrete pad at Welsh Park and was told it was not necessary. Allen has copies of the park plot. He also has talked to Mr. Odell at the county records office who will help him conduct a search anytime. Sue added that Tom and Shelly Oleachea-Caufield brought miscellaneous historical maps and surveys for the archives.

SOCIAL – Betty Keast

The social planning committee met and discussed events for 2010. Familiar events include the pancake breakfast and summer picnics along with new activities like a summer carnival, fall bonfire, and Christmas light competition.


The park survey was discussed in Allen’s report.


Annual Meeting logistics were discussed. The location is still to be determined. There are hopes that we will be able to have one last meeting in the old lake house. Tammy has left messages for Scott Paskill but has not heard a definitive answer. Sue said she would also make a call. Back up plans for the meeting include Fairview Elementary or Fairview Community Center. The meeting will be Monday, April 12. Roger has put together an annual budget for the board to review. Agenda suggestions for the annual meeting were discussed.


Erika voiced concerns about the concrete slab. She did not feel that a concrete slab constitutes a sport court. Questions were raised regarding the boards position on this agenda item. The board did not vote to take a position on the court. Three estimates submitted by Bettianne Goetz will be presented. Jeff Hauck will make the presentation due to Bettianne’s absence.

Play Structures

As recommended by the prior roads and parks commissioner, Tammy looked into the repair and renovation of the play structure. A bid was submitted. Greg asked to make sure the contractor was licensed. A motion was made to review the bid and return next meeting with suggestions. There was no second. A motion was made to accept the bid. There was no second. A motion was made to spend up to $50 to replace rotten and missing boards. The motion was seconded. The motion was passed 4 in favor, 2 opposed. However, more discussion continued. There was not a bid for $50. How many boards needed to be replaced along with the cost to replace those boards was unknown. Who was going to do the work? Board members decided to view the park structure and make suggestions via email so we are able to get a bid and make a decision in the March meeting.

New Playground Structure

The possibility of a smaller play structure more suitable for younger children was discussed. Many members have commented that while the current play structure is unique and fun, they do not feel comfortable with their young children or grandchildren playing on it. A committee consisting of Erika and Tammy visited several area showrooms including Rainbow, The Kid’s Backyard Store, and Costco. They selected a Rainbow Structure as the best option. It has a much lower (5 ft deck), a low tire swing, swings, as well as rock wall. The spring sale cost for the structure is $2500 including delivery and installation. They anticipate another $1200 in excavating, leveling, and adding cedar chips. A motion was made for the board to support at the annual meeting the purchase and installation up to costs of $4000 for a play structure more suitable for younger children. The motion was seconded and passed.


Jeff Hauck did not have a bid for a dock at Welsh Park. Erika mentioned that she went to the boat show and that someone at EZ Dock gave her a ballpark figure of around $9,000 for a floating dock, (installation and ramp included) but she wasn’t sure that an unstable floating dock was the best option for the park.


Many areas of the website have not been updated. Some members of the board expressed interest in an up to date/more interactive website similar to FLPOA’s site. Allen Johnson reported that the FLPOA site is the face of the community however, the costs to set it up and maintain it monthly are substantial. Erika raised the concern that minutes and information currently is being sent out by Sue via emails and that will not necessarily continue once her term ends unless someone else wants to pick up that responsibility. She maintains that the website is the best way to post minutes and other vital information. Sue suggested looking for a volunteer from the membership who would be willing to work on a website. Membership may be consulted at the annual meeting regarding interest in pursuing an up-to-date interactive website.

Boat Rules

The boat rules are lengthy and out of date. Jeff Townsend will need to decide if he wishes to bring an abbreviated version of the boat rules to the annual meeting or operate under the old boat rules for the next term. Boater fees will be addressed at the annual meeting. The present system of boats and operators and maximums per household is too confusing.

Social – Betty Keast will present the social calendar at the meeting.


There has been dumping of concrete and bricks at the park shore line. The board has not authorized this action. A motion was made to issue a statement to be sent out before the annual meeting alerting all residents there is not to be any dumping of rocks, concrete, or anything on Interlachen property without clearing this through the board. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Nominating Committee – Betty will take care of this.

By-Law Changes – The board decided not to pursue any by-law changes at this meeting.

Park Improvements were tabled for the next meeting.

Marine Drive Development

Erika attended a neighborhood meeting at Big Eddy Marina. The owner of Big Eddy is looking to sell and subdivide the property at 19604 Marine Drive which is located on the south side of Marine Drive and the west side of Interlachen. A home and trailer exist on that property now. He is planning to divide it into three lots and sell Lot 3 – where plans could be a 120,000 square foot industrial building. This will plan will essentially remove all the tall trees between the farm property and the end of Riverside Drive. Lot 2 is not developable. Lot 3 plans include an office building, Big Eddy overflow parking, and rentable storage units. The plans call for the entrance to Lot 3 to be moved from Marine Drive to Interlachen Lane. She has concerns about the additional traffic on Interlachen Lane and the loss of the trees as a buffer between our residential neighborhood and the Industrial Zone. Homes on west end of Fairview Lake could potentially be looking out over the farm field into a loading dock. Erika recommended that the Interlachen Board, FLPOA, and BLIA issue concerned statements or statements against this division to the Gresham (?) City Planners Office. Big Eddy plans on submitting their permit in the next few weeks.

Agenda Suggestions for Next Month

Finalizing Annual Meeting Agenda and Logistics

Possible Park Improvements

  • Play structure
  • Garbage service
  • Dog Waste Dispenser Station
  • Portable Toilet for Summer


Meeting adjourned 10:10 pm. Next meeting will be March 8 at 7pm at the Teyema house.