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Interlachen Inc. Board of Directors

January 11, 2010


The meeting was called to order at 7:10 pm at the home of Allen Johnson.

Those present: Sue Myers, Allen Johnson, Roger and Betty Keast, Tammy Reynolds, Jeff Hauck, and Jeff Townsend.

Those excused: Erika Teyema and Gregg Whitehead

The Agenda was adopted as presented.

Old Business:

Park Survey: Sue located a park survey from 1967 which she passed on to Allen Johnson to be used for the determination of the park markers. Allen is to return this survey to Sue to be replaced in the archives. Estimates for a survey ranged from $1,150 to 4,000. Allen will work with Gregg Whitehead and return with more information at the February meeting.

Play Structure: Tammy reported that she would like to see a new play structure. Discussion followed as to the location for a new play structure.

Tammy will get a bid from Joel to repair the existing play structure and cost of purchasing and installing a new structure geared to smaller children.

Pickleball Court: Discussion followed regarding the feasibility of a multi-use surface for the area where a pickleball court could be placed. It could be used for other games if the surface were a greater size.

Dock: Discussion followed as to location of a dock/s and whether it should be permanent or floating. Jeff Hauck will make some inquiries as to cost.

Prep for Annual Meeting: Sue reminded each Board member of their responsibility to prepare a report for the Annual Board Meeting.

Roger has sent his preliminary report to all Board members and Allen has his ready.

Sue suggested that each Board member be responsible for providing a door prize for the annual meeting.

Discussion followed as to the location of the Annual Meeting. The Lake House will not be available as it is to be torn down. Sue suggested having it at Fairview Elementary School. Tammy will check with the school principal. If not at the school, it could be at the City Hall.

Nominating Committee: Gregg Whitehead has agreed to find some folks for the Nominating Committee.

Reports of Officers and Commissioners:

President: Sue suggested that we reinstate a discount for paying dues within 30 days of the invoice. Discussion followed. Allen Johnson moved that we reinstate a $15 discount if paid within 30 days from the date on the invoice. It was seconded by Tammy. The motion carried.

Treasurer’s Report: Roger presented the Treasurer’s Report and moved that we pay the following bills: PGE $86.99, Sue Myers, supplies, $47.92. It was seconded by Tammy and the motion carried. Roger also asked for approval to transfer the remaining money in the Bank of America account to Riverview Bank. It was approved.

Secretary: Tammy reported that Erika asked that any bylaws changes be sent to her prior to the 60 days notice required for sending to the members.

Blue Lake Commissioner: Jeff Townsend reported he is still working on revising the Boat Rules. Sue and Roger will send their ideas to Jeff via email.

Boat fees: it was discussed that there should be no boat launch fee for Interlachen residents to launch boats (fishing boat, kayak, etc.) from the Easement.

Discussion followed as to changing the boat fee for Blue Lake residents to launch ski boats on Blue Lake. Jeff Townsend moved that the boat fee be $75 per member. Jeff Hauck seconded the motion. It carried. This will need to be approved at the Annual Board Meeting.

Roads and Parks Commissioner: Jeff Hauck asked for input for the dock estimates. It was suggested that he get an estimate for a 20 x 8 floating dock. Also Jeff Townsend will paint the bulletin board and clean it up. Sue has new corkboard to be affixed.

Membership Commissioner: Tammy is working on a new invoice form for collection of dues. Tammy will send the new form to the Board for input and approval.

The current bylaws require a Membership Application to be completed by new residents on Interlachen. Discussion followed as to the current need for this application. Gregg will be asked to write the change to the bylaws to remove the application form requirement.

Tammy suggested that we have a Facebook page and that the Web Page needs to be more user friendly and updated. Roger moved that we establish a committee of Tammy and Jeff Hauck to develop a proposal for a domain name and web page. It died for lack of a second. Tammy volunteered to develop a Facebook page. Jeff Hauck will contact an associate about working on our webpage.

FLPOA/IWPUD Commissioner: Allen Johnson presented a written report that is attached.

Committee Reports:

Social Committee: Betty Keast reported that the Social Committee will be meeting in January to plan next year’s events.

Regarding the Caroling Event, Tammy suggested that we carol at more homes and perhaps start at an earlier hour if necessary. It was also suggested that the caroling and the party could be on separate evenings.

Agenda Suggestions for Next Month: Municipal Code Regulations

Next Meeting: The next meeting will be February 8, 2010, at the home of Roger Keast.

It was moved by Betty Keast and seconded by Roger Keast that the meeting be adjourned. The motion carried. The meeting was closed at 9:10 pm.

Minutes respectfully submitted by

Betty Keast