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Minutes of Interlachen Board Meeting

December, 2009

7:00 PM, Reynolds Home

Present: Jeff Hauck, Allen Johnson, Betty Keast, Roger Keast, Sue Myers, Erika Teyema, Jeff Townsend, Greg Whitehead

Meeting called to Order 7pm

The minutes from the November meeting were approved with the following correction to the Treasurers report. Betty Keast’s bills totaled $145.06, including 75.06 for house-tour related expenses and $70.00 advance to the UPS printing account. The motion to approve reimbursement was (or should have been) for the full $146.06.

Old Business

Greg Whitehead discussed the sculpture, carport/boat awning, and stonewall that encroach on the parks property. Allen Johnson made a motion to get an official survey of the park property. After some discussion about how the survey could affect future building plans, Allen amended his motion to get a quote on a survey and look into how the survey would affect the riparian zone. The motion was seconded and passed, five in favor with two opposed.

Jeff Townsend will put the boat motor in a garage.

Bettianne Goetz has given all the info and quotes for the proposed pickleball court to Jeff Hauck. There are now three quotes for the pickleball court. Tammy Reynolds questioned the boards’ position on the pickleball court. After looking back at annual meeting minutes, it was determined that the pickleball proposal was from the floor and not a board proposal. Jeff Hauck made a motion to present the pickleball court quotes at the annual meeting per the membership request. The motion was seconded and passed unanimously.

Last month a motion was passed to pay Joe Horton $600 for the tune up of the boat used to help rake the weeds in the east end of the lake. Sue thought there were still enough funds collected in boat registration and user fees to cover this amount; however, that wasn’t the case. In addition, the tune up totaled $648 and there was also $24 paid for the weed drop. There was discussion about Interlachen funds are used to cover some Blue Lake expenses, and not just those funds collected in boat fees. All board members agreed that good gestures from neighbors should be rewarded. The board agreed that the motion had been passed in the previous month and all were content with the previous motion.

Preparation for Annual Meeting

Sue requested board members for commitments in the next months to establish the needs for the next board. Each board member will also need to prepare a short written report. Any issues that need to be brought to the annual meeting will need to be addressed at the next meetings. Finally, by-law changes, if deemed necessary, will need to be sent out in a time appropriate manner.


Greg will continue as the sole VP for this year. He was appointed to the 2009-2010 board. He will need to be elected for the next term.


Roger submitted financial reports. The current balance is $25,393.88. This includes a checking accounts totaling $16,513.45 and a savings account with ING valued at $11,237.13. Bills paid this month are:

$40.34 Mult. Co. Property Tax

$86.94 PGE

$375.00 Chavez Landscaping

$2,251.00 Liberty NW Insurance

$50.00 Oregon Corp. Division Annual Fee

An initial transfer of $5,000 to Riverview Bank was made. All funds should be transferred there soon. A motion to transfer all remaining BA funds to Riverview (approx. $13,700) and close the Bank of America account was made, seconded, and passed unanimously.

A $300.00 landscape bill for November was presented. The motion to pay the landscape bill was made. It was seconded and passed unanimously. The treasurer’s report was approved.


A resident reported a problem with dog droppings in Welsh Park. The pet owner was identified and a letter requesting compliance with the Multnomah County Animal Services “Scoop Law” was sent out. All members with pets are reminded to clean up after them to help prevent the transmission of disease, odors, breeding of flies, and unsanitary conditions.


Roads and Parks

Jeff Hauck requested clarification for the length of landscape needs- 9 or 10 months. A motion for the landscape work to be done Feb 1 – Nov. 30 was seconded and approved.


Allen’s notes from the annual meeting are as followed (official minutes can be reviewed on the FLPOA Website)

Boat Ramp cost estimate is about $10,000.
Annual dues will remain at $50.
Construction on 223rd will not be completed until around tax time.
When the construction of nature walkway is completed, you will be able to
walk from Gresham to Marine Drive.
Golf course on North side of Blue Lake Road will cost between $11 and $12
million. Plan calls for it to be in place by end of 2010.
Plan for another nature trail along Sundial Road to the Sandy River.
Scheduled to be built in 2011 and 2012.
The City of Fairview is planning to plant more shade trees in Pelfrey Park.
The City of Fairview is planning to reactivate enforcement of the Riparian
Zone rules on the South side of the lake.
The water quality of Fairview Lake is good. The water quality of Fairview
Creek is better, so less silt is flowing into the lake. The water quality
report for Fairview Lake is posted on the Fairview Lake Website under the
water quality tab at:
When the drawings of the boat launch are complete, they will be posted on
the FLPOA website:
Rules for use of the lake will be posted at the boat launch.
FLPOA is seeking a long term agreement with the City of Fairview over the
governance of the boat launch. FLPOA will own the boat launch. If we lose
the right to control access, we can remove the boat launch.
A water level gauge will be mounted next to the dam, set to “height above
sea level.”
A warning was issued to clean boats before putting them back into Fairview
Lake. A notice will be sent out to this effect with notice of when the lake
would be raised.
A member of FLPOA is certified for Dispute Resolution. We might want to
make note of this in case any disputes arise between neighbors on


Costs were incurred for the testing of Blue Green Algae. The testing was $500 and $80 for overnight service. Sue wondered if the lock was changed on the pump storage house.


Santa visit scheduled for 12-20. Caroling will be Friday, December 18th. It will begin at the Teyema house and end at Markings.


BLIA is still looking into grants. Unfortunately, several have been denied. The present grant being researched involves diver harvesting weeds.


Erika questioned if the board would be presenting at the annual meeting any other possibilities for the park that the board had discussed in the year – in particular, the costs for a dock or a play structure more suitable for younger children. Erika and Tammy will attempt to get quotes.

Jeff Hauck discussed the tearing down of the Blue Lake House and the scheduled opening of the golf course in Spring 2011. Jeff would like to see the dedicated rock now at the Blue Lake House moved to Welsh Park. He is going to look into it further.


Meeting adjourned 9:00 pm. Next meeting will be Jan. 11, 2010 at Allen Johnson’s Home.