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Minutes of Interlachen Board Meeting

November 9, 2009

7:00 PM, Keast Home

Present: Bettianne Goetz, Jeff Hauck, Allen Johnson, Roger Keast, Sue Myers, Erika Teyema, Jeff Townsend, Greg Whitehead

Guests: Curt Knight, Dennis Meyer, Rick Myers. Ted Skipper

Excused: Tammy Reynolds

Meeting called to Order 7pm

The minutes from the October meeting were approved.


Roger submitted financial reports. The current balance is $16,513.45. A motion to pay the insurance, property tax, and corporation fees was made. It was seconded and passed unanimously. The treasurer’s report was approved.



FLPOA held its annual meeting. Concern was raised regarding the 15 year contract the Village of Fairview is offering for the new boat ramp. The worry is for the potential for public use after that. The village had at one time expressed interest in selling the property to FLPOA. Sue would encourage FLPOA to explore that avenue.


There was discussion regarding allowing the Parrish household to be associate members. They currently reside on Lachenview outside of the Interlachen boundaries. The motion to accept their request for associate membership was passed unanimously.

Roger has started the new bank account at Riverview Bank in Wal-Mart. New checks have been received. A motion to transfer $5,000 in funds to the new account was seconded and passed unanimously.

Park property lines are being addressed as the board looks into the possibilities for a new sport court or dock. When measuring 175 ft from the East fence, it appears that the neighboring boat awning, sculpture, and possibly wall are encroaching on the parks property. Greg will draft a letter to the neighbor. A survey may be required.

A question was raised regarding how membership passes when a home is sold. After discussion, this board decided to recognize as policy to only charge one membership per household per year. Boat fees when there is a change in household will be addressed at the December meeting.

Membership packet updates and boat rules will be tabled until the December meeting.

Cars continue to speed down Interlachen Lane. Members should exercise caution as there are more children now living in the area. The county may be contacted to put in new speed bumps on the public portion of the road.

Skunks and raccoon issues seem to have elevated in the past months. However, the board decided not to act on this problem passing a motion not to take on the expense of critter removal.


Bettianne submitted two pickleball estimates for board review. Depending on size, surface, lines, etc the prices range from $16,000 $22,000. Pickleball court discussion will be on the agenda for next months meeting.

Able Chavez did some additional landscaping in the month of October. A motion to pay the $100 bill for the landscaping was passed with one opposed and one abstention.

A group of neighbors worked to rake weeds on the East end of the lake. They put forth great effort and removed hundreds (if not thousands) of weeds. The hope is that they were able to pull many out by the root/bulb so they will not re-grow. Joe Eilers’ boat was used in the efforts. The board felt there should be some compensation for the use and wear and tear on the boat. Joe Eilers suggested we pay Joe Horton for the boat tune-up. After discussion regarding monies collected from Blue Lake members for boat fees, the board passed a motion to pay $600 to Joe Horton for the tune-up of Joe Eilers’ boat.


Meeting adjourned 9:00 pm.