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Minutes of Interlachen Board Meeting
Oct. 5, 2009 @ 7pm at Allen Johnson’s Home

Present: Sue Myers, Gregg & Karen Whitehead, Roger Keast, Tammy Reynolds, Jeff Townsend, Jeff Hauck, Allen Johnson, Bettianne Goetz. Excused: Erika Teyema

Meeting called to order at 7 pm.
The minutes from the September meeting were approved.

Sue reminded the board that all board members would have to submit a written report at the annual meeting in April. She also told the board that her husband, Rick, had installed shelves in the storage room of the pump house where the Interlachen files are being kept. This has gotten the file boxes up off the floor and made it easier to access past notes.
Condolence cards were signed by the board for Mike Morrow’s family.

Gregg is in the process of researching property lines. He is also checking the By-laws to see if we are currently in compliance with them or if we need to change anything.

Budget report submitted and approved. Roger paid the PO Box fee of $56.00 twice. Once with Interlachen funds thru internet. He became concerned it was taking too long so he then went and paid with a check so as not to incur a fee. A motion was made to reimburse Roger the $56 fee. Betty Keast paid $70.00 for photo copies. A motion was made to reimburse Betty.

No report

Jeff reported he now has all keys for the boat launch back in the hands of the current board including the master key. He received an email from David Winterholler who was wondering if the SolarBees were running properly. He thought the one on the West end looked to not be moving any water. Jeff checked on all three units and all were running smoothly. Jeff had been watching the building of the algae in the lake and would speak with the park ranger. Jeff also brought an article to the meeting concerning Bull Run Water. The Water Department is exploring a new filtration system that would allow them to use more water from Bull Run. He was wondering if that would mean they would use less water from the Blue Lake wells. Jeff Hauck made an offer to help with weed removal by offering to build and/or operate a device to uproot the weeds.

Jeff had received bids from the current landscaper, Abel Chavez, and from a competitor,
Pedro Rodreguez, to not only mow but to also trim trees and bushes on a monthly basis. Abel submitted a bid for the combined work of mowing and trimming at $500 per month.
Pedro submitted a bid for the same work at $300 per month. Jeff also reported that the last bill he had received from Abel Chavez had an extra $100 charge on it for trimming along the east fence line. The board nor Jeff had requested that trimming to be done. A motion was made to pay the monthly fee but to not pay the extra $100 charge until Jeff could clarify with neighbors the trimming of the fence line. Jeff apologized for not replacing the basketball rim yet. Jeff Townsend offered to do it for him.

Tammy reported she had delivered membership packets to several new people. Tammy has been comparing notes with Sue and Roger about the current members and fine tuning contact info.

Allen reported that the annual meeting for the Fairview Lake Property Owners Association (FLPOA) would be on Thursday, Oct. 29th, at 7:00 pm at the Fairview City Hall. Allen would like to encourage all residents of Fairview Lake to attend the FLPOA annual meeting. He said they know how to put on a fun meeting. The Interlachen board members are contemplating crashing the party and taking some lessons. Allen stated that the lighted boat parade had also been a lot of fun with 9 boats participating this year.

Allen reported on the boat ramp for Fairview Lake. It is estimated to cost $1600 for the survey and drawings needed. The City has agreed to pay the legal fees. The board is working on the contract wording. The ramp should be ready next fall. The Interlachen board asked Allen to convey to the FLPOA board that we would encourage them to be sure that the clause dictating the ramp ‘for private use only’ to not have a term limit attached to it. Instead we would suggest it would have a permanently private access clause.

Allen reported that a request had been made for $20,000 be used from FLPOA funds to dredge the NW corner of Fairview Lake. The request was denied.

Allen’s report on the Interlachen Water PUD stated that the PUD would be paving 500′ at the top of the drive down to well #1 and another 500′ at the bottom of the drive. This will make access to the pump house easier. Jean Ridings was at the IWPUD meeting and told Allen that she had a bunch of old maps and records in her house. She asked if Sue Myers could come and pick them up so they could be stored with the rest of the records.

The home tour had been successful with a $255 profit! After the tour was over the hosts of the toured homes all got together and toured each other’s homes. It was another great event that gave opportunities for neighbors to meet each other.

Bettianne made note that the social committee has slightly overspent their budget alloted to them this year but that part of that expense was to purchase the shirts for sale. With the income of the shirt sales & the home tour the social committee should be recognized as being under budget for the year.

Then we received the official resignation from Bettianne Goetz as our social committee chair. She recommended Betty Keast to take over as chair. The board agreed unanimously upon her choice. Betty Keast will begin with the duties of chair in January. Bettianne will be finishing up with the Christmas caroling party and with contacting Santa about visiting our lane this year again.

Presidents Note: When I asked why Bettianne was resigning she stated, “When I was hiding Easter eggs again this year I thought why am I still doing this?” I can tell you why. Bettianne loves this neighborhood and she loves people. She has served for many many years in a myriad of realms to keep this neighborhood awake and full of life. She not only knows how to throw a great party but she is also one smart cookie.

Sue gave out copies of a report that was prepared in 2002 by a committee that was assigned by then President, Dennis Meyer, to answer three questions. Dave Trask chaired the committee and prepared the report back to the board. Sue reformatted the report to the current board and challenged them to find ways to implement the findings into this year’s goals for the board. (see attached report entitled “Three Questions”)

A discussion was held again about the request of neighbors outside of our neighborhood that would like to join the membership as associate members so they can come to the social functions of the neighborhood. The board currently feels that per our by-laws this would be an acceptable action. Historically associate membership was only offered to past members that had moved out of the neighborhood and wanted to stay connected to the many friends they had made here.

The landscape bids were discussed. A motion was made to accept the lowest bid which was from Pedro Rodrigues with the stipulation that he must have a current CCB#. The motion passed with 6 votes for and 1 vote against.

Roger is in the process of changing banks for the association. A motion was made to no longer allow the use of electronic checks as it goes against the by-laws that require 2 signatures on checks. The motion passed unanimously with the amended statement that Roger had two months to make the changes required.

Due to a request to not have board meetings go over two hours a motion was made to move the new business on the agenda to old business for the November meeting. Motion passed unanimously. The old new business to be discussed at the next meeting will be; property lines at Welsh Park, update membership packets, boat rules need updating, the adding of more speed bumps, & hire critter getters to remove skunks.

Motion passed unanimously to adjourn meeting AT 9:00 pm.

Next Meeting will be held at Tammy Reynold’s house at 20363 Interlachen Lane on Monday, November 2nd at 7:00. All members are welcome to attend.

Our love and prayers are extended to the Morrow family. Mike Morrow passed away on Oct. 4th. Mike Morrow was a strong corner post of this neighborhood. He and wife, Pauline, owned the Shell gas station at the corner of Sandy and 223rd for 33 years. They didn’t just own a station they served their customers and became good friends with many of the neighbors at Blue Lake. After they sold the station and home next to the station they moved out to Blue Lake where both Mike and Pauline became even more active in the neighborhood. Our wishes for the remaining family is that the good memories of Mike’s life will bring you comfort.