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Minutes of Interlachen Board Meeting

September 8, 2009

7:00 PM, Teyema Home

Present: Bettianne Goetz, Jeff Hauck, Allen Johnson, Roger Keast, Sue Myers, Erika Teyema, Jeff Townsend, Karen Whitehead

Excused: Tammy Reynolds

Meeting called to Order 7pm

The minutes from the August meeting were approved.


Curt Knight fulfilled his obligation to oversee BLIA through the contract negotiations. Rick Myers has now been elected the new BLIA president by the committee members. Rick will be addressing the weed issue. Sue has been reviewing and organizing old Interlachen files. Most members are now receiving communication via email. The last mailing went out to over 75% of the membership. Sue learned that that there is a fee for non-Blue Lake members for launching kayaks at the easement. The board felt that this item should be addressed at the next annual meeting.


Greg found a county website that provides property lines and lot sizes. He is researching this to find the park property lines for the possible sport court and/or dock. Greg would also be interested in being the parliamentarian for the annual meeting if needed. Karen plans on working on board job descriptions. There has been some loss of communication and responsibilities as positions are handed over.


Roger submitted financial reports. The current balance is $18,439.99. The accounts will be switched to Riverview Bank. Roger will need signed minutes from the secretary. Historically, bills have been voted on by the board and signed by 2 board members. This practice will be followed. The treasurer’s report was approved.


Per request, Erika will attempt to locate the most recent by-law revisions. She will also attempt to complete meeting minutes within a week of the meeting.


Blue Lake Commissioner – Jeff Townsend

All complaints about boat rules not being followed should be directed to Jeff. He will then address the boat owner and deal with each complaint personally.

The patrol boat motor is now back. It has been cleaned and is in great running condition. Jeff still does not have the master bollard key. A motion was made for Jeff to make a new master and copies for the board and park. The motion was passed, six in favor, one against. New keys will go to the park, the 4 officers, and the Lake Commissioner. It was recommended that new masters and keys be made periodically as keys get lost/misplaced.

Road and Parks Commissioner – Jeff Hauck

Maintenance including tree trimming was completed at the park and easement. Pedro Rodriguez (who completed the maintenance work) submitted a bid, as requested, for the monthly cost of weekly lawn mowing and pruning of shrubs and trees at the park. Currently, Abel Chavez is contracted for this work. He did not submit a bid. Jeff will contact him again to request a bid for the cost of weekly service. It is believed he currently is contracted for bi-monthly service. Jeff will get the new basketball hoop for the park up this month.


No report.

FLPOA – Allen Johnson

Sue gave Allen gifts to take to the PUD and FLOPOA boards. Along with the chocolates, cards were sent letting them know we are available and want to work with them. Allen reported that there had not been a FLOPOA meeting. FLOPOA is awaiting reports from the City of Fairview. The PUD met on August 17th. There had been excessive water usage at pump 4. The problem was tracked down and found to be 2 toilets running all day. Members are requested to monitor these items more carefully in their homes.

SOCIAL – Bettianne Goetz

The next event is the Home Tour Fundraiser. It will be Saturday, September 19. Six homes are schedules to be on tour: Keast, Barnett, Reynolds, Gould, Myers, and Emek.

Santa Down the Lane and the caroling party are the remaining activities for this year. A suggestion for a semi-formal dinner dance was discussed.


No report.


The board will discuss the pros and cons of offering associate membership to those living outside of Interlachen boundaries. This item may be brought to the annual meeting.


The next board meeting will be October 5, at 7pm at the Goetz Home. Members are invited to attend.

Meeting adjourned 9:00 pm.