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Minutes of Interlachen Board Meeting

August, 2009

7:00 PM, Johnson Home

Present: Jeff Hauck, Allen Johnson, Sue Myers, Erika Teyema, Jeff Townsend, Greg Whitehead, Tom Schubert

Excused: Bettianne Goetz, Roger Keast, Tammy Reynolds

Meeting called to Order 7pm

The minutes from the July meeting were approved.

Tom Schubert came to talk to the board about the pickle ball court. (He has taught a pickle ball course.) Pickle ball is played on a court smaller than tennis; however, the committee would consider building a larger multipurpose court. The court could then be used for volleyball, basketball, and tennis. Removable nets would be needed for pickle ball and tennis. The committee will need to look into costs.


Sue spoke with the owners of the property in front of the leaning tree and let them know that Interlachen is not responsible for the removal of trees in the unincorporated Multnomah County easement. She will be going through the documents in the pump house and storage shed to organize and preserve the association history. Karen Whitehead volunteered to help.


Roger sent financial reports. The current balance is $18,720.08. The treasurer’s report was approved.


Newsletter did not get out in July. There are high hopes for August.


Blue Lake Commissioner – Jeff Townsend

Jeff met with park officials re: getting the red flag out sooner. The concession has 65 boats including canoes. The red flag is currently put out at 40 rentals. The board feels this is too many. Jeff suggested we vote at the annual meeting to recommend a number to the concession.

Frank Clou has the motor for the Blue Lake Patrol Boat. Joe Horton has been asked to get the motor back from Frank. Jeff Townsend and Jeff Hauck will also attempt to retrieve the motor. The motor is needed to get the boat back on the lake and help patrol for safety and boat rule violations.

Four inches of free water were added to the lake. It is felt that they have nearly evaporated in the July heat wave. In the past, the heat would have most certainly caused a blue green algae bloom. The water is clear. The pH is the best to date. However, the clarity may have caused the weed growth. BLIA is working on the possibility of another solar bee set at a different level (deeper) to handle the weeds. Moving the current solar bees does not make sense. They have been set for blue green algae prevention and have been successful. BLIA will send out a letter explaining the current settings of the solar bees, the costs associated with moving them, the fears of disrupting our success, and the idea of the fourth solar bee and other ideas to stunt weed growth.

The lake currently needs more water. A motion was made to add $1400 worth of water to the lake. The motion was passed. The board feels there is a need to have a Blue Lake Homeowners meeting to address the weeds and boating rules before the end of the summer.

Road and Parks Commissioner – Jeff Hauck

Jeff received a $200 bid to trim trees in the park and $250 to clean up the easement. A motion was made to spend $450 for maintenance. The motion was passed. Another motion to have Jeff look for a competitive bid for routine mowing and clean-up of the properties was also made and passed. Jeff will talk to Curt to see what is currently contracted for routine lawn care. A motion was made to have Jeff purchase and install a new basketball rim. The motion was passed.


There were at least 48 members at the last picnic.

FLPOA – Allen Johnson

The boat ramp in the public park is in negotiations. The number one goal for FLPOA is keeping it private. This issue is non-negotiable.

PUD – we are now paying for locates (have used up our fee allotment). Water usage is double at this time of year. Pump 3 is back on line.


BLIA still needs $6,000.


The board will look into costs for a pier/dock at Welsh Park. Roger will move accounts from Bank of America. Sue will make improvements to the Interlachen bulletin board.


The next meeting will be September 8 at 7pm at the Teyema Home.

Meeting adjourned 8:45pm.