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Minutes of Interlachen Board Meeting

June 1, 2009

7:00 PM, Johnson Home

Present: Bettianne Goetz, Jeff Hauck, Allen Johnson, Roger Keast, Sue Myers, Tammy Reynolds, Erika Teyema, Jeff Townsend, Greg Whitehead

Meeting called to Order 7pm

The minutes from the April meeting were approved.


Sue asked all board members to come to the meeting with goals for the new board. Her vision includes improving Fairview (Welsch) Park and the Blue Lake Easement. She would like to make them more usable and see more activity at these association assets.

Sue allowed concrete to be dumped at Fairview Park shore. It will disappear in the next years and help allow for the start of a natural retaining wall so that there could be a possibility of adding a dock or pier. The next meeting will take place at the park to discuss enhancements possibilities.

Sue also wanted to remind all membership to be respectful of neighbors and keep properties clean and free of debris and trash.


Greg and Karen Whitehead will share this position and the vote. They have a goal of working to bring together the 2 communities (Blue Lake and Fairview Lake/BLIA and FLOPOA) and 2 factions (“old guard and new”).


Roger distributed new copies of the budget. It shows income by category. Interlachen currently has $19,170 in checking and $11,170 in the ING savings account.

Roger’s goals are to revise the budget layout and find a better investment vehicle for the savings. He is researching ING and locally at Riverview Bank. The treasurer’s report was approved.


In addition to keeping meeting minutes, Erika hopes to be able to put out a newsletter every 2-3 months. Newsletters will be placed in mailboxes. If you do not wish to receive a newsletter, please let us know.

She is also trying to organize a neighborhood kid’s parade for 4th of July morning. Kids can decorate bikes, tricycles, wagons, motorized cars, strollers, etc. Convertibles and classic cars would be fun too. Please join in the fun or come out to watch. The parade time has tentatively been set for 10am.


Blue Lake Commissioner – Jeff Townsend

Jeff plans to continue working on the relationship with Blue Lake Park and Metro. He has met with the new park officials. Any noise or paddle boat/concession complaints should be directed to Jeff and he will contact the park. There were 10,000 park visitors on Memorial Day and 25,000 are expected for 4th of July for fireworks. If you are expecting guests, traffic will be heavy.

Joe Horton has the lake patrol boat and he will be getting it tuned up. Then it will be docked at Sue Myers home and she will help patrol. Sue is also looking to have the 2nd lake patrol boat docked at the easement.

Jeff reminded membership that we no longer need to call the park to put our boats on but we must still launch during the appropriate hours. Also, when the red flag is up at the park, there is no wake allowed.

Road and Parks Commissioner – Jeff Hauck

Jeff had more keys made for the Blue Lake Easement. They are available to all Interlachen members. Jeff looked at a tree that may need addressing in the Interlachen Lane easement. Officially, Multnomah County owns the land, however, because the street is so narrow it is not maintained by the county. Jeff will contact Multnomah County about cutting down the tree. He will also contact PGE.

Jeff’s goals for this board are to keep an open line of communication between all neighbors— members, and non-members.

Membership – Tammy Reynolds

Tammy reported that she joined the board to learn more about the neighborhood. She is looking forward to meeting new people, helping build bridges, and hoping to mend past hurt feelings. She understands that Lachenview Lane people have been included, but perhaps not invited recently to join (they have just been invoiced). She hopes to work with Sue on marketing membership better and coming up with more enticing reasons to be a member. In the next months, she will invoice previous years members, and will personally invite new residents or residents who have not been active for some years.

FLOPOA – Allen Johnson

Allen also wants to keep finding ways for both lake communities to work together. Most recently we were able to get a faucet for the park and light for the gazebo with the help of the PUD.

Allen reported that grants for the new water line did not work out so loans are being researched. Only 2 outstanding water bills remain. Fairview Lake is working on plans for the new boat launch.

Social – Bettianne Goetz

Bettianne would like to support Greg in his goal of uniting the organizations. The Social Committee is exploring the idea of inviting all of FLOPOA to the home tour. A list of all residents who do not live here full time but want to receive social mailings is needed. The pancake breakfast is June 20th from 9-11am.


A letter from renters living on Blue Lake was received by the board. It requested permission to allow their boat on the lake. The letter was sincere and the board felt the renters would act responsibly on the lake. However, the boating rules do not allow for the board to grant such a request. A motion was made to let them know we do not have the authority to grant permission and that the home owner will need to make a request for a boating rule change at the next annual meeting. The motion passed unanimously.


The next meeting will be Tuesday, July 7th at Welsh Park. We will be looking for ways to make the park more user friendly and more interesting.

Meeting adjourned 10:15pm.