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Interlachen, Inc. Association 79th Annual Meeting
Monday, April 13, 2009
Lake House, Blue Lake Park, 7:00 pm
Board Members Present: President, Lance Pattock; Vice-President, Roger Keast; Treasurer, Mel Rieff; Road and Parks Commissioner, Curt Knight; Blue Lake Commissioner, Jeff Townsend; FLPOA/IWPUD Liaison Commissioner, Allen Johnson; Membership Commissioner Chairman, Sue Myers.

Absent: Secretary, Erika Teyema
President’s Report

Lacking a quorum, President Lance Pattock gave the Presldent’s Report.

Lance Pattock shared with the members some of the work and accomplishments of the board over the past year and thanked board members for their service.

The 2008-2009 Board believed that Interlachen, Inc.’s action items were covering too many issues that deviated from the core mission. Therefore, volunteers were sought to create a committee to look into dealing with lake issues. There were 7 – 10 residents who formed a committee named Blue Lake Improvement Committee. This committee formed the Blue Lake Improvement Association (BLIA) and is in the process of registering as a 501(c)(3) charitable non-profit organization so that it can pursue local and federal grants to acquire financial support in partnership with Metro and DEQ. Their first action was to pursue the purchase of the Solarbees and spilt the purchase price with Metro and property owners. BLIA has contacted lake residents to contribute to the fund. The Interlachen, Inc. Association voted to transfer $6,000 to BLIA for their operating capital. These monies were collected from Blue Lake property owners in 2003/2004 and had been held in Interlachen Inc.’s bank account until needed. These monies were collected to pay for Blue Lake water
refills, water testing, weed control, etc. The Board chose to hold back $2,100 of the available $8,100 to address future water fills if they occur. The Interlachen Board thanked the committee for all their efforts.

Other accomplishments this past year include: major road repairs, park Improvements, addressing abandoned vehicle concerns, maintaining street rlght—of-way clearances, noise abatement with Metro, general livability issues among neighbors, proposed budget, addressing dog problems, reported vandalism, social events, and increased revenues. Lance thanked the Board and wished the future board of directors’ good wishes.

Vice-President’s Report

Roger Keast reported that the website for Interlachen was updated and the
webmaster, Joe Hartman, is doing a fine job. The website has the history of Blue Lake and lists the Board Members’ names and contact numbers. It also has the up-to-date bylaws, Board minutes, calendar of events, and pictures of events. He asked for members to submit any pictures of events from 2000-2009 to update the website.

Treasurer’s Report

Mel Rieff reported that the 2009-2010 Budget will not have a deficit. Dues and boat fees of $17,300 have been received for 2009. The Operating Budget total ls $16,200.

The Certificate of Deposit matured and has been placed in a savings account earning
1.25%. The new Board will decide how to invest this money.

Mel thanked the Board Members for all the work they have done over the past year.

The meeting was officially called to order at 7:30 when a quorum was reached.

A motion to accept the minutes of the 78th Annual Association Meeting was made. It was seconded and passed unanimously.

Commissioners’ Reports

Blue Lake Commissioner

Jeff Townsend, Blue Lake Commissioner, reported that only a couple of people had to be chased off the lake for skiing after dark. It was a good summer. He appreciated the fact that lake residents are following the boating guidelines.

To launch a boat this year, a resident must get a key from a Lake Commissioner or a Board member. A boat must be launched before 9 am on weekends and before 11 am on
weekdays. A $4 park fee must be paid when bringing in your boat for launching. He
reminded boat owners to pay the boating fee to Interlachen, Inc. even if a boat was not removed from the lake during the winter. If a boat has been taken to a California lake, please inspect it for California Mussels and be sure to remove them from the boat before launching. There will be no wakeboard tournament in 2009.

Parks and Road Commissioner

Curt Knight, Parks and Road Commissioner, reported that the Board allotted $7,500 to repair and repave 3,000 sq feet of road. Potholes were filled in. The road was widened in some areas and shoulder work was also completed, at owner expense when appropriate. Abandoned cars were removed.

The Gazebo Park was improved by putting steps down to the gazebo from the street to the basketball court and down to the gazebo. A new fire pit was installed. A Storage Shed was purchased and installed on a concrete slab. Thanks to Dave Trask and Al Goetz.

Six folding tables were purchased and are stored in the shed. If a member wishes to use these tables, contact Judy Wlnterholler to check them out and back in.

Four signs were posted to remind folks to pick up after their pets.

Debris was removed from the area around the pumphouse.

Lakeside trees and shrubs were trimmed. He thanked the kind folks who trimmed these trees and shrubs (we would be happy to thank them if they let us know who completed this task. It saved the membership about $400). Party boats can now dock at the park. Also, a motion light was installed at the gazebo.

Dock Property. Debris was removed; a picnic table and benches were purchased. Fairview residents can use this easement.

Suggestions for 2009-2010:

Replace stairs on the dock property at a cost of $2,500-3,000.

Power wash deck and stairs on dock property.

Paint sergeant stripes on road bumps.

Install a hose bib on the IWPUD pump house on the gazebo property. Repair the play structure on gazebo property.


Sue Myers, Membership Commissioner reported that last year there were 101 members, and this year to date there are 90 members. The dues were increased by $25 in 2008. New phone lists will not be distributed; lf a member would like a phone list, call Sue. New Members Dale and Sheri Parshall and Sue Ellen Dolan were introduced and welcomed.

FLPOA/IWPUD Commissioner

Allen Johnson, FLPOA/IWPUD Commissioner, attended the monthly PUD and Fairview Lake meetings. He is the liaison between the Interlachen, Inc. board and these two associations. Jim Graybill tests Fairview Lake for water depth and weed level. The weed level ls down on Fairvlew Lake, but there are not enough carp. Fish archery has been banned on Fairview Lake as it is illegal to shoot a bow and arrow in the City of Fairvlew. There is a new boat launch proposed to be installed under the power lines on Fairview Lake. Also, Fairview Lake has a new home page

Allen also reported that IWPUD pump #2 was replaced, after 26 years of service. There is still an electrical issue being evaluated. There was one instance of Coliform bacteria contamination, which is a natural occurrence in water systems. Running City of Fairiew chlorinated water through the system killed the growth.

We may be able to get a grant to upgrade the water main (ARRA funding). Rob Johnson will have a report on this activity under new business.

Special Presentation: IWPUD

Rob Johnson, President of the Interlachen Water District, introduced the committee members: Pat Davies, Jerry Larsen, Terry Schultz, and Tom Caulfield. Each pump serves about 33 customers. They hired an engineering firm to analyze a system update. They are preparing a report for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. This report is due April 15. The update would involve installing an 8 inch main with laterals to each house. Also, each house would have meters; but the water district would still charge the same amount per house as we are currently paying. The estimated cost is $875,000. The IWPUD would be eligible for 50 percent of the cost from the Recovery Act. A second option is to replace the water main from 216th. to the end of old Interlachen. In each option, the IWPUD would borrow $400,000 from the state drinking water revolving loan fund at 3 percent for 20 years.

Social Committee

Bettianne Goetz, Chairman, reviewed the Social Calendar for the coming year. The Easter Egg Hunt was a success. There will be a pancake breakfast in June and two picnics in the summer. The Tour of Homes ls scheduled for September 19. There are 13 members on the Social Committee. She handed out clipboards for members to sign up for the committee and welcomed new members. Pickle Ball Court is a suggestion she has for the gazebo park. This will be discussed under New Business.

Audit Committee

Ernie Brawley and Sue Myers audited the books on March 9. They reviewed the
expenditures and receipts and found all in good order.

Nominating Committee

Tom Burns was unable to attend the meeting due a death in the family, but he was able to obtain three nominations for the board–Jeff Hauck, Emek Golan, and Tami Reynolds. Lance thanked Tom in absentia for his work and asked for volunteers for next year’s Nominating Committee. A motion was made by Al Goetz and seconded by Dave Nelson to accept the members nominated. The vote was unanimous to elect the new Board members. Lance announced there would be a meeting of the old and new Board members and that all books and keys should be brought to the meeting.

Unfinished Business

Lance Pattock announced that BLIA will meet after the Board meeting.

A motion was made by John Wissler and seconded by Bettianne Goetz to accept the budget for 2009-2010 as proposed. An amendment was added to show that $6,000 was transferred to BLIA and further a note would be added that there would be a $5,000 budget dencit and the $6,000 transfer would be reflected as an expense. The vote was 42 in favor and none opposed. The budget was approved as amended. In addition, the balance sheet will reflect the $2,100 held for lake expenses. Lance will get a Balance sheet out to the members.

New Business

Bettianne Goetz passed out a sign up sheet for a Pickle Ball feasibility study. She has seen Pickle Ball played and suggests we study putting in a court. Pickle Ball is played on a 20’ x 44′ court with a low net as In tennis. You may use plastic or wood paddles with foam or plastic balls.

Jeff Townsend made a motion to allow cages and pylons on boats to attach wakeboard and ski ropes. It was seconded by Tami Reynolds. The motion was discussed, and it was reported that in the past these cages resulted in poor boating behavior and property damage. The use of cages was voted down in the past. The motion was defeated with six votes in favor and seventeen votes opposed.

New Business from the floor. Julia Warner expressed the seriousness of blocking the road with vehicles on holidays such as the 4th. of July. It would be difficult to get emergency vehicles to residences. A fireman present reported that the fire trucks will push vehicles out of the way to get to the residence of the emergency.

Mel Rieff said the Board will review the Social Committee’s proposal to build the Pickle Ball Court. Pickle Ball is a cross between tennis and ping pong.


Allen Johnson thanked Lance Pattock for serving two years as Board president and his 4-5 years serving on the Board. He presented him with an engraved gavel as a thank you for his service to the Association.


The motion to adjourn was made by Al Goetz. It was seconded-by Steve Nelson. The motion passed, and the 79th Annual Meeting was adjourned at 8:5S pm.

A BLIA meeting followed the adjournment.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty Keast, Secretary pro tem

Interlachen, Inc.

 Year ended 2/28/04Year ended 2/28/05Year ended 2/28/06Year ended 2/28/07Year ended 2/28/08Year ended 2/28/09
Boat Registration1,155.001,794.00850.00275.00710.001,085.00
Boat Operators License815.0065.00
Other Collections - Blue Lake Property Owners401.30
Special Collections for Pumping Water8,240.00
Total Revenues10,210.001,859.00850.00676.30710.001,085.00
Supplies and Boat Expenses286.10150.00431.15
Lake Expenses3,500.00355.003,524.68
Total Expenses3,786.1015.00786.153,524.68
Net Income6,423.901,859.00700.00676.30-76.15-2,439.68
Blue Lake Separate Revenues and Expenses for the six year period ending 2/28/09

Interlachen Income and Expenses 2008-2009

 FY 2008-09 adoptedFY 2008-09 actualFY 2009-10 adopted
Association dues137201426515000
Street Sale/Sale of Banners, Shirts & DVDs200517800
Blue Lake Boat Registration50010851200
Blue Lake - Other Collections
Non-Member Dues50
Dividend & Interest Income536710.03200
Total Income$15,056$16,577.03$17,200
President - Supplies, Misc.3501270350
President - Gifts5050
President - Annual Meeting250149.52175
President - Insurance (Liability, D & O)320036513800
President - Property Taxes5039.6950
President - License/Bond
President - State Incorporation Exp505050
Total President$3,950$5160.21$4,475
Membership Committee15088.78120
Total Membership$150$88.78$120
Secretary - Supplies & Website150100150
Total Secretary$150$100$150
Social Committee12001837.572000
Total Social Committee$1,200$1,837.57$2,000
Treasurer - Supplies & Expenses30070.28100
Treasurer - Bookkeeping Services
total Treasurer$300$70.28$100
BL Commissioner - Supplies & Boat Expenses200200
BL Commissioner - Lake Water Quality500355
BL Commissioner - Lake Expenses4,0003,524.681,400
BL BLIA Transfer6,000
Total Blue Lake Commissioner$4,700$3,524.68$7,955
Park - Park Maintenance1,0003,821.041,200
Park - Boat Ramp & Misc. Repairs
Park - Landscaping Maintenance4,0003,0303,500
Park - Road Maintenance7,5005,872.621,500
Park - Street Lights1,2001,096.901,200
Total Park & Street Commissioner$13,700$13,920.56$7,400
TOTAL EXPENSES$24,150$24,602.08$22,200
Note: FY 2009-10 loss includes BLIA transfer expense of $6,000 collected solely from Blue Lake residents for Blue Lake purposes. Before that transfer, there is a budgeted surplus of $1,000.

Interlachen, Inc. balance sheet 2/28/2009

Bank of America checking account8,576.86
ING Direct Certificate of Deposit11,110.26
TOTAL ASSETS$19,687.12
Homeowners Association Equity19,687.12