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Feb. 2nd, 2009
7 pm at Roger Keast’s House
20115 NE Interlachen

1. Call to Order

2. Adoption of Agenda

3. Reading and approval of Minutes – January’s minutes were read and approved.

4. Reports of Officers:

a. President-Lance Pattock – Metro confirmed that the 2009 wakeboard tournament is cancelled this year. Rod Park complimented the interlachen neighborhood association for being such a pleasure to work with. He will talk with Randy Leonard about pumping excess Bull Run water into the aquifer under Blue Lake. The more water stored in the aquifer, the less water flows from Blue Lake into the aquifer when the water table drops.

b. Vice President-Roger Keist – Still following up on insurance options.

c. Treasurer-Mel Rieff – Financial report, bills paid. Best COA for CD renewal? – Just back from vacation, no report.

d. Secretary-Erika Teyema- No Report

5. Reports of Commissioners:

a. Blue Lake Commissioner-Jeff – Review changes for lake rules. Proposal to allow ski towers on Blue Lake. There is currently an exclusion in the by-laws. Will be put up for a vote at the annual meeting. Complaints about the light at the West end of the lake. Curt will check to see if a lower wattage bulb or a non-strobe bulb can be used.

b. Road/Parks Commissioner-Curt – Park has become the bathroom for some homeowner’s dogs. Signs have been purchased and posted to discourage dog owners from using the park for that purpose. The shed has been broken into again. Nothing missing, but they keep twisting off the locks damaging the locks and bending the handles. IWPUD to be approached for permission to run a pipe out from the pump house, instead of the water facet that currently freezes.

c. Membership Commissioners-Sue – Send out 2009/10 annual dues invoices? Invoices mailed out Friday.

d. FLPOA/IWPUD Commissioner-Allen- meeting reports? No FLPOA meeting this month. IWPUD reports still problems with pump #2. Being investigated. Water quality is good. Chloroform scare is over. Nothing like a little chlorine in the pipes to knock down any bacteria. We should be good for some time now. If people are interested in their flood risk, you can go to and look up your address. Being a government web-site, you can interpret the results many ways. I live in a high risk flood area, with minimal chance of flooding. Which I took to mean that I have nothing to fear, unless I get flooded, in which case, they told me so. Which map you look at depends on if you are in Fairview or Multnomah County. It is interesting to explore.

6. Committee Reports:

a. Social-Bettianne Review – No report

b. Water Quality- Curt, BLIA feedback from initial letter/escrow account/meeting date? Letters sent out requesting payment for solarbees. Volunteers to talk to their neighbors. So far results are encouraging, but it is early. There will be an information meeting on the 17th, flyers will be distributed to the affected homes. BLIA is looking to work with Metro and DEQ to explore government grants to promote green living. There are also energy credits that may benefit organizations like ours.

c. Audit- n/a

d. Nominations- Tom Burns to conduct recruitment. Lance, Curt, Mel due to rotate off

e. By Laws- Tabled for 2009/10 board to review/update

7. Old Business – Abandoned vehicle removed after letter sent. Thanks to the owner for complying.

8. Correspondence – incoming mail? – None

9. New Business – Middle Solarbee beacon does not work. It will be serviced shortly.

10. Public Announcements/Comments – 223rd closed for the next 11 months.

11. Agenda Suggestions for next month – Prep for April Annual Meeting. Lance to submit Lake House reservation. Determine agenda, invite guest speaker (Rod Park?), etc. All board members prepare a annual meeting report for their accomplishments. Mel to arrange for audit of accounts.

12. Next meeting date? Mar 9th, Mel Rieff’s home.