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January 13, 2009
7:00 PM, Johnson Home

Present: Al Goetz, Bettianne Goetz, Allen Johnson, Roger Keast, Curt Knight, Sue Meyers, Lance Pattock, Erika Teyema, Jeff Townsend

Excused: Mel Rieff

Meeting called to Order 7pm

October and December minutes approved.


Lance wrote a check for just over $1300 for our half of the share of pumping water into Blue Lake. This was approved at the last annual meeting. A note was sent to Mike Brown regarding the noise ordinance and working with people to keep these levels down.

VP: Roger Keast

Roger talked to the Safeco agent regarding the increase in our insurance premium. New facilities were added to the policy (the gazebo and new shed were not previously covered) as well as a re-categorization into an association policy caused the price change. The shed incurred some damage in two break-ins that occurred over the holidays. Neighbors please watch for activity in that area. The board will look into security measures (motion lights, cameras) to help secure this area.

TREASURERS REPORT: Mel Rieff – No Report

CD Renewal…ING CD 2.75 for the year. Seems to be the safest bet.


Blue Lake Commissioner – Jeff Townsend

Blue Lake boat has been winterized and is up on Joe Horton’s boat lift. Boat fees will be sent out with membership dues. (Boat fees are $25 and $20 for each operator with a maximum of $75 per household.)

Road and Parks Commissioner – Curt Knight

Curt discussed the issue of dogs using the park as a bathroom. Please remember that children and adults use this park and owners need to clean up after their pets. We have also had some vandalism on the west Solar Bees lights and will be reviewing videotape to see who is doing this. If you have a problem with the light on the Solar Bees, please contact the board.

Joe Eiler has provided positive data on the Solar Bees. The Blue Lake Improvement Committee (BLIC) is meeting tomorrow to finalize when and how to begin raising/collecting the funds.

Curt also has the key to the safety deposit box. Next meeting agenda will need to address what is in the box and if we need it.

Membership – Sue Meyers

Sue is ready to send out invoices for membership. Dues are $175 for the year. That is only $25 more to pay for all the improvements we have seen this year…paved roads, enhanced park facilities, picnic tables, etc.

as approved by the membership at last years annual meeting.

Social – Bettianne Goetz

Bettiane handed out the Social Calendar for 2009.

Easter Egg Hunt – Sat. April 11th – 1:00pm

Pancake Breakfast – Sat. June 20th – 9-11am

Picnic – Thur. July 23rd – 6-9pm

Picnic – Thur. Aug 27th – 6-9pm

Tour of Homes – Sep. 19th – 1-5pm

December Events – Santa and Caroling to be announced

The Social Committee also volunteered to provide cookies and drinks at the annual meeting. They will also be selling new Interlachen shirts, flags, and burgees at the meeting.

For the first time there was no Santa Down the Lane…Santa was ill. There was a caroling party but no caroling on the street.

FLOPOA – Allen Johnson

No report – There have been no committee meetings.


Tom Burns will be seeking nominations for the open board positions.


A letter will be sent to one of our neighbors regarding an abandoned car


The Solarbees have some issues due to the ice submersion. Solarbee is replacing the control boxes near the end of this week and we will discuss this issue with them

Lance needs to submit a reservation for the Lake House for the annual meeting in April.


NO bow fishing is allowed on Fairview Lake. (Under city rules of “No archery within city limits)

The intersection of 223rd and Sandy will be closed for bridge repair. This is expected to begin in the next two weeks and will be closed for 1 year.

Think of a speaker for the annual meeting.

Next meeting, Monday, February 2nd at Roger Keast’s house at 7pm. (20115 NE Interlachen)