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December 8th, 2008
7pm at Lance’s House


1. Call to Order

Members Present: Sue Meyer, Allen Johnson, Lance Pattock, Roger Keast, Mel Rieff, Jeff Townsend, and Curt Knight

2. Adoption of Agenda

3. Reading and approval of Minutes.

4. Reports of Officers:

a. President-Lance Pattock – Received invoice from Metro for our share for adding water to the lake in August to the amount of $1397. Moved and approved to pay for the 20 million gallons of water pumped on August 12th to raise level of lake.

b. Vice President-Roger Keist – Recommended tabling any bylaw changes until next year.

Website pages consolidated and phone numbers corrected.

Tom Burns to find replacements for upcoming open positions on the board. President, Treasurer, Membership, and Roads and Parks. Interested parties should contact Tom.

c. Treasurer-Mel Rieff – Safeco sent a significant increase in premium rate for insurance. Roger will take policy to agent to try to determine why the rate jumped almost 50%. Curt Knight reported that Metro agreed to insure the Solarbees. CD is coming up for renewal shortly.

d. Secretary-Erika Teyema- No report (Allen Johnson took minutes).

5. Reports of Commissioners:

a. Blue Lake Commissioner-Jeff – Status of boat? Has it been winterized? Jeff to contact Joe Horton.

b. Road/Parks Commissioner-Curt – Thanks to the volunteers who trimmed the native plants in the Park! No road paving recommended for the next year.

c. Membership Commissioner-Sue – Billing will be going out in January for Annual Dues. Sue asked the Lake House caterer how they monitored noise levels for their events? They don’t. They told her the groups can be as loud as they want as long as they are done by 10:00 PM. City of Fairview has a noise ordinance. Park is Metro, but Fairview Police will respond to problems at the park as long as someone who lives in the city of Fairview boundaries makes the complaint. Sue will talk to Suzie Bousha to see if the Fairview guidelines can be enforced for the Lake House or some other guideline given to the Lake House that can be monitored and enforced. Lance to forward this info to Mike Brown as well.

d. FLPOA/IWPUD Commissioner-Allen- meeting reports. FLPOA annual meeting was 12 November. Bow hunting is no longer allowed on Fairview Lake as bow and arrows have been added under discharging deadly weapons in the city limits. Jim Graybill did another depth sounding of Fairview Lake and compared to his assessments of the last 20+ years and found lake levels only vary by a few inches from what they have always been. Northwest corner is a little shallower. Fairview creek entry is a little deeper, but we are only talking inches. Study on lake water quality by PSU is still underway. For information on Dispute Resolution classes, contact Ron Muro 503 665 0785.

IWPUD – Well Pump number 2 went out and is in the process of being replaced. Well Pump number 1 went down for a while and we had to use City of Fairview water. You may have noticed the chlorine. This was good because we did have one positive sample on Coliform contamination. This is a natural forming bacteria and isn’t the dangerous type you read about in the news. Everyone should have received a letter on the situation. One of the solutions is to run chlorinated water for a few days to knock the bacteria back. With the pump issues, this was done anyway, so we should be good for years.

6. Committee Reports:

a. Social-Bettianne Goetz, (no report, but everyone should have received the flyers on the caroling and Santa Claus visits.

b. Water Quality-Lance and Curt, A BLIC (Blue Lake Improvement Committee) has been stood up by lake residents and have met numerous times during the last few months. They are planning on best course of action(s) to present to Blue Lake homeowners for approval. Metro has agreed to pay half the cost ($75K) to purchase the Solarbees. The BLIC and Joe Eilers are to come back with something in writing from Metro. Solarbees show positive weed control benefits. Solarbee recommends to NOT use weed control agents in the east end of the lake. There will be a maintenance fee of $5340 per year for the Solarbees that should be covered by boat registration fees each year It was suggested that the Lake House and Boat Rental facilities should kick in on the maintenance of the Solarbees as they benefit directly and should share in the maintenance costs for the lake.

c. Audit- n/a

d. Nominations- n/a (see new business below)

e. By Laws- Roger is reviewing

7. Old Business – Noise issue covered above. Light at Gazebo is installed and working well.

8. Correspondence – incoming mail? Water bill from Metro discussed above.

9. New Business – (none)

10. Public Announcements/Comments – (none)

11. Agenda Suggestions for next month

12. Next meeting date? January 12th at Allen Johnson’s home 21140 NE Interlachen Lane 7:00 PM.