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October, 2008
4:00 PM,

Present: Allen Johnson, Roger Keast, Curt Knight, Lance Pattock, Erika Teyema,

Excused: Bettianne Goetz, Sue Meyers, Mel Rieff, Jeff Townsend

Meeting called to Order 4:10pm

Minutes Approved


A motion light was installed in the park gazebo. It is set from dusk to dawn and should help keep any unwanted activity out of that area.

VP: Roger Keast

Roger is working on updating by-laws for annual meeting. Lance and Curt will be going off the board next April.


Blue Lake Commissioner – Jeff Townsend

Blue Lake boat registration should be mailed out with membership due invoices.

Road and Parks Commissioner – Curt Knight

Curt received a bid on maintenance of the park and dock property of $1000. There are several plants that are growing out of control that were planted by Interlachen members and requiring the association to spend quite a bit of money to maintain these plants. Lance will write a letter requesting those involved in the planting to maintain and prune these plants, otherwise, we cannot afford to keep them on the property.

Social – Bettianne Goetz

Bettiane advised us to expect the same winter activities including caroling and Santa Down the Lane.

FLOPOA – Allen Johnson

Allen will attend the water meeting tomorrow. The FLOPOA annual meeting is Oct 29 at 7:00pm.

Blue Lake Improvement Meeting

This group is operating independent of Interlachen Inc. and has held 2 meetings. They are determining the costs of purchasing, maintaining and insuring the Solar Bees. Terri Dressler (Metro) did give a verbal commitment for half the cost and maintenance. Lance suggested that the BLICcontact Matt Barnett for insurance figures and requested to be sent minutes from these meetings.


Nominating Committee needs to begin seeking nominations for the 2009 Board. There are also some by-law rule changes that need to be addressed from the meeting 2 years ago.


River otters have been seen on Fairview Lake.

Next meeting, Monday, Dec 1.