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Sept 7th, 2008

6pm at the Gazebo


1. Call to Order

Members Present: Allen Johnson, Lance Pattock, Roger Keast, Mel Rieff, and Curt Knight

2. Adoption of Agenda

3. Reading and approval of Minutes – Tabled.

4. Reports of Officers:

a. President-Lance Pattock – Water was added on Aug 12th (20 mil gallons to a level of 12′.6″, will suggest 13′ next year).

b. Vice President-Roger Keist – Review of by-laws. A number of items need to be removed from the by-laws as they are no longer applicable (e.g. 90 day billing cycle for dues instead of annual collection, $10 for non-power watercraft). We need a new form for boat registration. Recommendation that applicants be informed to follow state rules and requirements (license and insurance).

c. Treasurer-Mel Rieff – Gave financial report, bills paid. $10,000 certificate matures 9/21/08. Board voted to roll over for another six months at 3.85%.

d. Secretary-Erika Teyema- No report (Allen Johnson took minutes).

5. Reports of Commissioners:

a. Blue Lake Commissioner-Jeff – Status of boat registrations. Suggestions for next year (no report)

b. Road/Parks Commissioner-Curt – Road repaving costs, Steps, speed bumps painted. Improvement to roads and park look great. Hedges need work or removal. Recommended that they be trimmed twice a year. Need a new faucet at the park. Mel may have one he can donate. Speed bumps need to be painted. Lance to get an estimate for painting them from the person who did the original work. Hula hoops need to be removed from storage shed. Janice Johnson to check with social committee about getting them removed.

The 5mph buoy is still in Curt’s yard. Needs to go in the East end of the lake.

c. Membership Commissioners-Sue – Review membership list. (no report)

d. FLPOA/IWPUD Commissioner-Allen- meeting reports. No meeting of FLPOA since the last meeting. IWPUD meeting is next Monday.

6. Committee Reports:

a. Social-Bettianne Goetz, Aug picnic feedback. (no report, but everyone agreed that it was one of the best picnics ever. Everyone seemed to really be enjoying themselves. Greg, Scott, and Karen did a great job with 1950’s music, which is not what they normally play.

b. Water Quality-Lance and Curt, Set lake refill level to 13 foot vice 12’6″, – Lake level covered above.

c. Audit- n/a

d. Nominations- n/a (see new business below)

e. By Laws- Roger is reviewing

7. Old Business – Discuss with Metro that amplified sounds are becoming number one concern this summer. Who is going to research existing codes/permits and write a letter to Metro? Sound from groups at Blue Lake Park was discussed. Per Metro’s email, the two groups who were there over Labor Day weekend will not be allowed a permit again. There doesn’t appear to be a published noise level limit. Speakers are not supposed to face the lake, but no one oversees the set up or monitors the noise level. The groups on Labor day weekend would turn down the noise when asked and then turn it up again as soon as park officials left. The issues will be addressed at the next Water Quality Meeting. Metro sent out a letter stating that they will work with local jurisdictions to establish a noise abatement program. They did send out an apology letter to all homeowners for the noise on Labor Day weekend.

8. Correspondence – incoming mail? Nothing to review.

9. New Business – Wire gazebo with an automatic activated vandal proof light inside top of gazebo? Lance requested consideration for a vandal proof, motion detector light in gazebo. Trim public dock hedge? Bid needed to trim hedge along public dock. We need to plan on replacing the railroad tie steps leading down to the dock as well.

The need to set up a committee to look at best financing plan for Blue Lake Assessment Fee for treating lake weeds and Solarbee purchase and vote at annual meeting. – Solarbee contract expires next April. A decision is needed. Metro will likely pay half, but we need to get a commitment in writing from Metro. Affected property owners (about 75) would have to pick up the remaining $75,000. A plan is needed before next April. An information letter and survey needs to take place to see how many would participate. Other option is to form an LID. Solarbee has also suggested deploying granular hydrogen peroxide, which will deplete the oxygen at the base of the weeds for immediate weed control. The Solarbees would maintain the weed control from there. Lance to send out email requesting persons interested in being on the committee.

We also need to establish a nominating committee for the annual meeting. There was discussion to ask that a sub-committee be formed by the social committee to form a nominating committee as Social Committee has contact with the most people.

10. Public Announcements/Comments – (none)

11. Agenda Suggestions for next month – please.

12. Next meeting date? Oct 5th at TBA