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August 3rd, 2008

4:00 PM, Interlachen Gazebo

Present: Betianne Goetz, Curt Knight, Lance Pattock, Mel Rieff, Erika Teyema, Jeff Townsend,

Excused: Sue Meyers

Meeting called to Order

August minutes approved.

November minutes approved.


A letter was sent to the Water Bureau for supplemental water. There will be a maintenance run on August 16th. Lance is working on getting water directed to Blue Lake. The lake is, however, at normal August levels (down about 1 foot).


Current Balance – $25,619.16

ING Direct CD – $10,843.00

The CD is due in September. At maturity, it will be $10,936.02. Mel asked all board members to keep an eye out for a good interest rate. He will also look into a checking account that offers some interest.


Blue Lake Commissioner – Jeff Townsend

The new buoy is to be placed on the west end of Blue Lake. Several boat owners still need to pay boat fees. Again, boat fees for 2008 are $25 plus $20 for each operator — maximum of $75 per household.

Road and Parks Commissioner – Curt Knight

The new storage shed has been purchased and installed at Interlachen Park. Thank you to Al Goetz and Dave Trask for their help. Shrubs were pruned last month, however, we may need to schedule this for regular maintenance. The speed bumps were painted. Six tables were purchased for the gazebo area and debris was removed at the Blue Lake Easement. There is no longer a dog waste problem at the Blue Lake Easement. Thank you to homeowners for taking care of this situation and cleaning up after their pets. Thanks also to all residents who have been keeping the gazebo area tidy. There have been a few incidents, however, with dog waste in the Interlachen Park. All members are reminded to clean up after your pets and take droppings home.

Social – Bettianne Goetz

The July picnic had 31 families (over 100 people). The August picnic theme is rock and roll/50s. Whiteheads band will play and Dianna Gould will be in charge.


Hedges on Interlachen Road need to be trimmed. Thank you to Dr. Nelson for taking care of their property.

Information on Golf Course—Rod Park is looking into getting Portland to turn on wells sending 10,000 gallons of water into Blue Lake each day. That water will spill over into the wetlands—the golf course will be watered from the wetlands and then percolate back into the aquifer.


Road work is to start on Wednesday, Aug 6th from Meyer to Horton. A motion was made to do the entire road. Minutes of the annual meeting were checked and Curt was authorized to repair the entire road. There is a new table at the Blue Lake Easement for picnics. Anyone needing a key should contact Curt Knight. Curt noticed some residents having difficulty getting down to the park for the social activities. He received a $500 estimate to put in steps from a landscaper. A motion was made to put in steps and improve the fire pit. It was seconded and approved.

For all residents on the east end of Blue Lake—high phosphorous fertilizers should not be used on lakefront lawns. (Miracle grow is a really bad idea!) It is interesting to note that where the weeds grow the worst is where there are nice green lawns. When fertilizing lakefront lawns, use low nitrogen and low phosphorous or organic fertilizer or don’t use any at all.

The park is live trapping nutria and taking them away. Some residents have also recently spotted otters.


Reminder: Road work on the 223rd railroad crossing begins this fall.

Fairview Lake will hold a poker tournament on the lake on Aug. 9.

Next meeting will be September 7, 2008 at 6pm.

Agenda suggestions:

LIDs or special assessments for lake quality.

Meeting adjourned.