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Monday, April 14, 2008
Blue Lake Park House, 7:00 pm

Board Members Present: President – Lance Pattock; Vice-President – Curt Knight; Secretary – Erika Teyema ;Treasurer- Sue Myer

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 pm by the president, Lance Pattock.

Metro guests, Teri Dressler (Operations Manager) and Mike Brown (Columbia District Manager) were introduced. They reported the following Blue Lake Events for the coming summer:

  • June 14-15 Triathlon
  • June 21-22 Wakeboard Tournament
  • August 2-3 Triathlon
  • Sep 13th Kite Festival

A new water monitoring device has been installed. It will measure the level of the lake vs. the level of the river. Officials from Portland Water have also been added to the lake level discussions as their aquifers are part of the problem.

The impact of the proposed Nature and Golf Learning Center is still being examined. A business plan for this endeavor is also being developed. It needs to enhance the community as well as provide revenue. It is still in the information gathering stage, however, a public meeting would take place before the project is finalized. At this time, Metro is working diligently to develop this project and enhance lake quality. (The further discussion of water quality was asked to be held until after the meeting to excuse Fairview Lake members.)

Sue Myer introduced and welcomed new residents and members of Interlachen Association.

A motion to accept the minutes of the 77th Annual Association Meeting was made. It was seconded and passed unanimously.

Presidents Report

Lance Pattock shared with the members some of the work and accomplishments of the board over the past year and thanked board members for their service. Curt Knight, acting as Roads and Parks Commissioner, accomplished the re-roofing of the gazebo, patched the road, and had the public dock hedge trimmed back. Sue Myers brought membership up to 101 by a diligent door to door campaign. Erika Teyema finished the 2 year commitment and will re-up for 2 more years of board service. Joe Horton convinced Solar Bee to extend the free trial (including free maintenance and adjustments) and Lance recognized all Joe’s hard work and contributions over his board term. Mel Rieff made a better investment choice for association funds and clamped down on spending. This kept Interlachen Inc. in the black for the year. Thanks to Bettiane Goetz and the social committee the social calendar for the season is out. Lance also reported that Tom Burns of the nominating committee had found two candidates for board positions.

Over the past year, abandoned cars have been removed and graffiti has been covered. It might be a wise idea to start a neighborhood watch.

Vice-Presidents Report
Curt Knight recalled the organizational meeting in which Lance was unanimously elected President and stated it was the best decision of the year. He thanked Lance for his service.

Treasurers Report
Mel Rieff reported that there was a “tightening of the belt” to keep expenses down. He commended Curt Knight for saving us money in road repairs and applauded the social committee in keeping expenses down. Special praise also went to Sue Myers for bringing in the additional membership dues and Joe Horton for collecting boat fees. He noted that there needs to be a better mechanism for the collecting and saving of the boat fees. He also reported that the audit committee reviewed the books and all looks well.

Commissioners’ Reports

Blue Lake Commissioner
Water quality discussion was held until after the meeting. Lance reported that Portland Water Bureau sent us a bill for 2 lake fills for Blue Lake from the past summer. The bill was higher than expected and more than what was collected in past years. Metro requested us to pay half of the $8,000 bill. However, after discussion at the Lake Quality Meeting, Metro offered to pay 75% of the bill reducing our costs to around $2,000. A question from the floor asked if we were required to pay the bill. At this time it is believed that we are better off working and cooperating with Metro and Portland. If we do not pay at the present time and need water this summer, we may be out of luck. We can begin discussions of having Portland foot this bill in the future as they are the ones pumping water and putting a strain on Blue Lake’s aquifer.
There also was some discussion about the weed situation and the wakeboard tournament. The solar bees were set too low last year (and will be turned off this year for the tournament). Additionally, the tournament will be held earlier in the year and moved 200 feet, hopefully, to help prevent what happened last year.

Parks and Road Commissioner
Curt Knight reported that there also was some minor repair work done on the gazebo railings. He contracted Abel Chavez to do $275 yard work on the Blue Lake dock property which needed major trimming. Keys for this area are available. He has received bids for the fencing of Blue Lake Park (to be discussed during new business) and bids for further repair of the road. He also thanked those members who paid to have their right of way paved thus enhancing Interlachen Lane.

Sue Myers reported that last year there were 101 members and this year to date are 101 members. She provided a new phone list and highlighted the fact that some people provided email addresses. Sue requested that members be respectful of their neighbors email addresses.

By-laws Committee
There are a few by-law changes held over from last years meeting that will need to be addressed at next years meeting.

Social Committee
A social calendar was provided. Volunteers for the social committee are needed.

Historical Committee
Kay Moultrie recalled visiting Blue Lake Park 55 years ago with her church youth group and shared stories of group vacations with Interlachen residents.

Audit Committee
Ernie Brawley confirmed that association expenditures were legitimate, books are in order, and the money is in the bank.

Nominating Committee
Tom Burns successfully got two nominations for the board—Allen Johnson and Jeff Townsend. Roger Keist volunteered from the floor to be on the board.

Unfinished Business
The proposed 2008 budget reflects expenses that would be considered usual and customary (lights, insurance, park upkeep, etc). Interest income will also generate some monies. A few items will need to be voted on in new business.

New Business
A motion to adopt nominations for new board members was made. Kella Horton seconded. Roger Keast volunteered for the open board position. It was unanimously passed.

There was discussion to fix the road. Curt received a bid from Bellamy and Sons Asphalt to take care of the worst part of the road (3,040 square feet from Horton to Myer). In this area, seams are breaking down, shoulder work is needed, and there are several areas where water pools. The quote, including the grinding, leveling with asphalt, and top-coating, is $4, 270. An additional sinkhole needs to be repaired but could be put off. The cost for that repair would be $1,180. (But will likely cost more if put off) Questions were raised regarding the possibility of a new water line and coordinating efforts with the replacing of the water line. However, the new water line is only in discussion stage. It could be years away and the road is in need of major repairs now. The road also needs to be maintained for emergency services. Mel Rieff made a motion to pass a budget where the board has the authority to spend $7500 or roads. Denny Meyer seconded the motion. The motion passed with four opposed.

After discussion about the fencing of Interlachen Park, a motion was made by Jean McLemore to not fence the park. Bev Knight seconded the motion and it was passed unanimously.

After discussion regarding the water augmentation bill, a motion was made by Eric Erickson to pay the water bill. Kella Horton seconded the motion. Denny Meyer amended the motion that board also have the authority to pay this year’s bill for a total of $4,000. The motion passed 28 for and 1 opposed.

Curt alerted the membership that there are many other projects that could be done/need to be done to enhance the Interlachen community. Such projects include painting the road, purchasing of picnic tables for the park, rebuilding of the fire pit, and repair on the Blue Lake Easement staircase. A raise in dues would help to pay for some of these long overdue needs. A motion to raise dues $50 was made by Eric Erickson. It was seconded by Guy Vetere. After much discussion regarding the relative bargain Interlachen members receive compared to so many other communities verses the concern for the many members on a fixed income, the motion was defeated 20 against and 14 for. A motion to raise dues $25 was made by Rick Myers. It was seconded by Jeff Townsend. This motion was approved 28 for and 11 against.

The 2008-2009 Budget was approved (36 for and 0 against) with the addition of the $7,500 road repair and $4,000 water augmentation bill. While this will cause the association a budget deficit, we will go into our reserves.

Nominating Committee
A volunteer is needed for the nominating committee.

The motion to adjourn was made by Jon Wissler. It was seconded by Eric Erickson, passed, and the 78th Annual Meeting came to a close.