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February 2008

7:00 PM, Pattock House

Present: Ernie Brawley, Sue Meyers, Lance Pattock, Mel Rieff, Erika Teyema

Excused: Curt Knight, Bettianne Goetz, Joe Horton

Meeting called to order 7:00pm

December minutes approved.


Lance reported on the first Blue Lake Water Quality Meeting. Those attending were Lance Pattock, Curt Knight, Joe Eilers, Karen Nelson (DEQ), Terri Dressler, Limnologist Jim, the park ranger (Mike), and a representative from Portland Well Resource. The main topic of discussion at this meeting was the necessity to maintain water levels of the lake and the water level “stressors” including DEQ, Boeing, Portland Aquifers, Rockwood, & Camas pumps. Solutions discussed included activating an old well or drilling a new one. Another item on the agenda at the meeting was the wakeboard tournament and the problems it created last year. A tournament has already been scheduled for the upcoming summer. A request was made to have the boats steer clear of the shallow ends and Mike Brown believed he could make that happen. Solar Bees will also be turned off at the time of the tournament. Karen Williams also provided information regarding the EPAs view on weed killers as a back up plan to Solar Bees. The next meeting will be held early March.

A new gage to measure water levels of Blue Lake has been installed. This should help provide more accurate recordings.


Many 2008 membership checks have been received and Mel was instructed to deposit them. A motion was made to pay Max Depth Aquatics $355.00 for water sampling. It was seconded and approved.

Current Balance – $17,765.23

ING Direct CD – $10,575.96


Blue Lake Commissioner – Lance Pattock for Joe Horton

Lake Rules Dated 2004/2005 need to be updated and adopted for 2008.

Road and Parks Commissioner

Roads look great. The speed bump stripes need to be repainted this summer.


Tom Burns has begun looking for/requesting members to serve on board/committees.


A pumping bill was submitted. The bill was much higher than expected. The board discussed the best course of action with regards to this bill. Lance will begin with a discussion with Terri Dressler. Concerns regarding this bill include:

1. The 1st pump was supposedly a flushing/should not have resulted in a billing

2. We believed we were just financially responsible for the electricity

3. Previous bills for pumping were only $1,000 (2002)


Next meeting is March 3, 2008 at 7:00PM.

Invoices for 2008 Membership have been sent out. Dues need to be paid by the annual meeting.

Agenda suggestions for next month: Annual meeting responsibilities