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September 17, 2007
7:00 PM, Teyema House

Present: Curt Knight, Joe Horton, Lance Pattock, Mel Rieff, Erika Teyema

Excused: Bettianne Goetz, Sue Meyers

Meeting called to Order 7:24pm

August minutes approved


Lance reported that Dave Shult was disappointed he received a neighborhood action letter. He was told it was about blackberry bushes in his backyard and was also alerted to the fact that several letters were sent to various homeowners. All neighbors need to be aware that overgrown blackberry bushes attract rats. A call will also be placed to Larry Tuttle regarding the Van-Marter-Sanders car on Ann Tuttle’s property.


Mel reported that we paid the yearly post office box fee of $52. He presented various options for reinvesting the CD. A motion was made to authorize Mel to invest the monies with ING. It was seconded and passed.


Blue Lake Commissioner – Joe Horton

Joe requested that the membership not turn their backs on Solar Bee who have offered Blue Lake Residents another free trial year. Everyone is working hard to figure out the problems with the lake. The results for the full year need to be looked at — not just the August results. The Solar Bees are also being reset to a 15 foot thermoclimb (the park originally advised for a 10 ft). There is also a real concern about the wakeboard tournament causing the Solar Bees to fail. A motion was made to authorize Joe to write a letter on the Boards behalf clarifying our concerns regarding the tournament and requesting a meeting to discuss the detrimental effects of the tournament on the water quality of Blue Lake.

Road and Parks Commissioner – Curt Knight Interim

Speed bumps will be needed in the area of the new construction. The street is wider there and will encourage faster traffic. A motion for a new speed bump was made. Curt abstained from the vote. It was passed unanimously by the board.


Pat Davies advised Lance that they are not going to bill Interlachen Lane (old part) residents for the light bill.



Next meeting will be November 5 at 7pm at Mel Rieff’s home.

Meeting adjourned.