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August 13, 2007

7:00 PM, Myers’ House

Present: Bettianne Goetz, Curt Knight, Joe Horton, Sue Meyers, Lance Pattock, Mel Rieff, Erika Teyema

Meeting called to Order

July minutes approved


Fourth of July events and fireworks seemed to be well managed this year. He reported that the bollard at the boat launch is helping keep off all unauthorized boats. There was some discussion regarding the wake board tournament. Any damage by the wake board show towboats (broken moorings, lashings, or seawall issues) should be reported to the board. The wake created more potential seawall damage this year. Large numbers of weeds were also uprooted releasing much more phosphorous. Letters are to be sent to promoters and to Metro. There also have been complaints about boat operators coming to close to rentals. Please watch your distances and not give them any reason to complain.


Mel reported that the bill pay system is up and running at BA and at this time would not be worth the effort to switch checking accounts. However, it would be in our best interest to switch the CD and reinvest it elsewhere to get a better rate. A motion to close out the CD at Bank of America was made, seconded and passed. The board will discuss options and decide where to reinvest the monies at the next meeting.

Membership fees were received from Townsend, Swenson, Winterholler, Erickson, Ferris, Wissler, Whitehead, Hood, Foley, Clow, Ferris/Butterfield, Allen Johnson, Malafouris, and Finn. Boat fees were received from Rieff, Brawley, Gould, Mylet, Vetere, Romines, Nelson, Pederson, Bristo ($250).

A suggestion was made to purchase a new laptop computer for the treasurer. This way we ensure all books and accounts remain in the same program. There was also discussion of a proposed by-law change that the treasurer be the one to keep accurate record of membership.

CD: $10, 424.36 current balance

$10, 383.55 redemption

Checking account balance – $24,120.35


Erika hopes to have the first issue of the Interlachen Newsletter finished this month.


Blue Lake Commissioner – Joe Horton

Joe reported infractions during the wake board tournament. The board voted to send a letter to the Rosenbargers regarding their son’s infractions.

Joe Eilers has been monitoring the lake. He also has been hired by Solar Bee. The aquifers are putting pressure on the bottom of the lake causing it to come up and bring phosphorous up. When we are treating a lake, ideally we do not want to stir up the bottom. The upside of this situation is the phosphorous is getting broken down. Bottom line is the lake is doing okay—it just does’t look that good. Last year we saw one of the worst green algae blooms creating this year’s worst weed growth. While this is a blue green algae bloom, it is not carrying the toxins (100,000 last year vs. 100 this year. It should also be noted that it is hard for solar bee to be effective when the water levels are so low.

Road and Parks Commissioner – Curt Knight Interim

Curt did some patch work on the road and a few holes were filled. He is still looking for some part-time/teenager help to patch and work on the road for $10 an hour. Contact Curt if you know someone who is interested. The garbage can in the park should not be used. It cannot be lifted.

Nuisance order and vector control homes were identified. Warning letters will be sent out this month. Violators still current at the next meeting will be turned over to the county.

Membership – Sue Meyer

Sue passed out new maps and the new membership list. Membership is at 98 out of a possible 135 homes.

135 Total Residencies   Members Non-members
95 members Blue Lake 77 15
40 non-members Fairview Lake 52 19
  No Lake 7 3
    136 47

Lost members (Lachenview and 216th) – 18

There was discussion regarding the re-evaluation of our budget as we are not spending nearly what was proposed and are currently operating well within our budget. A more accurate reflection of this years spending/budget may be reported in the first newsletter.

FLOPOA – Vacant


Social – Bettianne Goetz

The Western theme picnic was lots of fun. The next picnic is to have an international theme.


A letter was sent via email to IWPUD President listing the addresses to bill for street lights (21615 through 20705, on both south and north sides of the old road section) last month. We will be monitoring IWPUD to see if it is included in the near future.


A suggestion was made to change the way the door is hung on the PUD building to allow for more store. A motion was made to ask Pat Davis.


All residents should review the Columbia-Cascade River site to see what development is proposed for the surrounding area. This is a four city vision of industrial growth at the old Reynolds Metals site around the Troutdale Airport to 223rd and 181st. We should be diligent in observing this so it does not affect or livability. Be watchful as the proposed Fed Ex will not provide many jobs rather move employees from Swan Island.

Next meeting will be September 17th at Erika Teyema’s home.

The 4th of July boat parade on Fairview Lake is 5:00 pm starting at lighthouse on south shore. Parade will move clockwise hopefully making a complete circuit. Awards for boat and lakefront decorations will be awarded. Let’s knock ourselves out!!!!

Meeting adjourned at 9:15pm.