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June 5, 2007
7:00 PM, Knight House

Present:  Bettianne Goetz, Curt Knight, Sue Meyers, Lance Pattock, Mel Rieff, Erika Teyema

Excused:  Joe Horton

Meeting called to Order

May minutes approved

Solar Bee’s response/rebuttal letter was sent out.  Thank you notes for the new Interlachen sign were also sent to Al Goetz, Jane Graybill, and Carl Marking.


CD:  $10, 383.19 (Due Aug)
Checking account balance –  $24,935.38

There were $658 in deposits for the month of May including memberships and boat fees from Blatchford/Freshwater and Kaiser families.

Debits of $365.37 included a $275 payment to Chavez (lawn service for parks and easement) and $90.37 for PGE (lights).

SECRETARY:  Erika Teyema
By-law revisions will be completed and available on-line by the end of the week.

Blue Lake Commissioner – Joe Horton (report submitted earlier)
The new boat lock is in.  Call Joe Horton or any board member for the key.  It has been requested to call Blue Lake first (503)665-6918 to let them know you will be launching a boat.  They will provide an escort to the ramp. Boat fees for the 2007 season will be $45 (in addition to the $150 Interlachen membership fee).  A reminder that all Oregon boaters under the age of 60 must now have a boating license.  This course can be taken on-line.

Another reminder to use low phosphorous fertilizer, especially on grass near the lake.  This is a safe water practice and may cut down on weed growth.  If you employ any lawn service/company, please alert them.

Finally, an attempt is being made to set up a meeting with the park boat rental vendor.  Joe hopes to discuss solar bee as well as boat/canoe protocol.

Road and Parks Commissioner – Curt Knight Interim
The new gazebo roof is on.  There was discussion about a gazebo light.  Curt will look into the possibility of a motion sensor light.  There has been some destruction of the lattice work in the gazebo.  A motion was made to install pickets instead of repairing the lattice. It was seconded and passed.

Curt is looking into hiring a few workers to even out the road.  They will be filling the low spots and knocking out the high areas.  The same workers may be hired to do the gazebo picket work.

A reminder to all members/residents to maintain your property and dispose of all garbage and debris outside of your homes.  This maintenance must be done to control rat infestation.  Vector control has been called in some instances.  Other homes will be addressed this month by the board and more homes may have to be reported.

Membership – Sue Meyer
Sue will be sending out invoices along with a friendly reminder this week.  Currently there are 48 residents who have not paid their membership dues.

FLOPOA – Vacant


Social – Bettianne Goetz
The annual Pancake Breakfast will be June 23rd.  The banner is going up on the 13th.  Flyers will be sent out this week.  A suggestion was made to invite Rod Park to the breakfast.

The July Picnic will feature the Blue Grass Band from last year.  They are now called the Stumptown Stars.

IWPUD to absorb street light billing.  Terry Schulz will be contacted to determine where the private lights begin and end.

Lance will look into competitive insurance quote.
Any changes in membership would be a by-law change.


Next meeting will be Monday, July 2nd at 7pm at Mel Rieff’s home.