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May 7, 2007
7:00 PM, Pattock House

Present:  Bettianne Goetz, Joe Horton, Curt Knight, Sue Meyers, Lance Pattock, Mel Rieff, Erika Teyema


April minutes approved

The gazebo roof bids were reviewed.  All bids include the removal of the old roof, 30 year composite shingles, and plywood costs.  The bids from high to low were $3800, $1990, $1584.81.  A motion to accept the $1584.81 bid was made.  It was seconded.  Members of the board will meet in the morning to select the shingle color.  They will try to match the pump house roof.

Mel met with Dianna Gould.  He will need Secretary to sign April minutes for US Bank in order to be recognized as Treasurer.  Others will need to sign cards to be able to sign checks.
CD:  Due Aug 15, 2007 at 2.  10, 342.19
Checking account balance March –  $22, 584.18
Checking account balance April 30 –  $24,755.75
$510 deposit made today

Social committee sales at annual meeting were $125 in banners and CDs. Membership fees ($150) were also collected from Erik Erickson, Maria Swenson, and Mary and Frank Clow.

New boat keys have been distributed to the board members.  The total cost was $224 for new keys and the new lock.  There is a $224 fine if the key is not returned.  A drivers license is required as a deposit for the boat key. Only paid members will be allowed to use the keys.  Members will need to also show proof of required boating license.

The boat fees for the 2007 year — $25 boat fee and $20 user fee.  The user fee will cover the family.  These fees are being reinstated to cover the costs for the independent testing of the lake water quality.

Joe will be updating rules and boat regulations.  He is also looking into becoming a lake district.  The letter opposing Solar Bee was addressed.  Solar Bee limnologist responded and addressed the ulterior motives of some of the scientists.  The response from Solar Bee will be emailed to membership.

The board discussed two road options – totally redoing the entire road or fixing small patches.  However, as the main water line needs to be replaced in the next few years it doesn’t make sense to do major repairs.  Patching appears to be the best choice at this time. Curt identified 11 areas that need attention.  The membership approved a $4,000 budget  for this project but it is hoped that it can be done for considerable less.

The ongoing problem of non-paying residents was addressed.  The board will begin to seek out a real estate attorney to look into forming a lake district or rewriting the covenant.

All materials have been picked up from Sandy Pattock.  Membership drive will begin.

Bettianne Goetz volunteered to take on this role.

SOCIAL:  Bettianne Goetz
Bettianne distributed a calendar of events.
Pancake Breakfast – June 23  9am-12
Summer Picnics
Thursday, July 19 6-9pm Western Theme
Thursday, August 23 6-9pm International Theme
The social committee will be looking to cut down on trash this year.  All members will be asked to bring own plates and utensils.

New by-laws will be distributed when the revisions are completed.

Board members looked into adding roads and lights to our current PUD.  Roads cannot be added but lights could be a possibility.

Board members decided an attempt should be made to balance the budget.  Competitive bids for roads, insurance, and maintenance will be a starting point.


Thank you to Carl Marking, Jane Graybill, and Al Goetz for the new Interlachen Lane sign.

Informal movie group meeting May 17.  Everyone is welcome.

Next meeting will be Monday, June 5 at 7pm at Curt Knight’s home.