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Sunday, April 15, 2007
Goetz’s house

The meeting was called to order by outgoing President, Al Goetz.  Those present were:  Al Goetz, Joe Horton, Terry Schulz, Curt Knight, Richard and Susan Myers, Dianna Gould, Mel Rieff and Lance Pattock.  Ericka Teyema was absent.

First order of business was to select the new Board positions.  The Board positions for 2007-2008 will be President: Lance Pattock, Vice President: Curt Knight, Secretary: Ericka Teyema, Treasurer: Mel Rieff, Lake Commissioner:  Joe Horton,  Roads and Parks: unfilled,  Fairview Lake/PUD Liaison:  unfilled,  Social Chair:  Bettianne Goetz, and Membership Chairs:  Susan and Richard Myers.

Lance, as the new President, took over the meeting.  Topics discussed included:

  1. Gazebo roof.  $4500 has been budgeted to repair the gazebo roof this year.  The Board voted to remove the skylights and to replace the current roof with a composition roof.
  2. Keys were given to Mel Rieff and Susan Myers to the P.O. Box in Fairview.
  3. Keys to the boat launch will be given to all Board members.  This will be a key that cannot be copied.
  4. We now have 85 paid members.  The Board welcomed new neighbors and new membership chairs, Susan and Richard Myers.
  5. It is important that some Interlachen Board members attend the IWPUD meeting Monday, 4/16/07, 6:30 p.m. at Pat Davies house.  We need to move ahead in passing the street lights and road repair to the IWPUD.  IWPUD meetings are regularly held every 3rd monday of the month.
  6. There are some corrections that need to be made to the new phone list:  Tucker-Moultrie’s number should be 503-618-9351.  Richard and Susan Myers new address is 21349 NE Interlachen, 503-799-9747,
  7. Joe Horton reviewed the Solar Bee which the Blue Lake Committee will proceed with.  Al Goetz shared options to the Solar Bee.
  8. Future Board of Director Meetings will be held the first Monday of each month.

Next meeting will be May 4th, 7pm, at the Pattocks, 20827 NE Interlachen ln.

Remember that our web address is  It is important that members learn to use this as an access to Interlachen information.

Respectfully submitted,
Bettianne Goetz, acting secretary