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Monday, April 9, 2007
Blue Lake Park House, 7:00 pm

Board Members Present:  President – Al Goetz; Vice-President – Lance Pattock; Secretary – Erika Teyema ;Treasurer- Dianna Gould; Parks and Road Commissioner – Terry Schulz; Blue Lake Commissioner – Joe Horton

The meeting was called to order at 7:000pm by the president, Al Goetz.

Sandy Pattock introduced and welcomed new residents and members of Interlachen Association.

A motion to accept the minutes of the 76th Annual Association Meeting was made by Erik Erickson.  It was seconded by Ernie Brawley and passed unanimously.

Presidents Report
Al Goetz shared with the members some of the work and accomplishments of the board over the past year.  The issues with the Blue Lake boat rental vendor were resolved, brush was cut down and cleaned up at the park, all historical items have been stored in the pump house, the lighting contract reached its term, a local artist has been asked to design a new Interlachen sign, a new post has been placed at the Blue Lake boat launch to help police illegal boat activity (a key will be needed to use the boat launch — all board members will have copies of that key), a letter to a homeowner regarding refuse clean-up was sent out and matters were addressed by homeowner, time was spent on discussing and researching some options for organization structure, by-law changes were reviewed, a large membership campaign took place and brought in over 40 new members, as well as the enjoyment of many social events and activities.

A question was placed to the president regarding the cutting of brush at Welsh Park.  Future park work should take care to be sure that just the poisonous bushes and noxious plants are cut back and not planted items.

Vice-Presidents Report
Lance Pattock reported that he is alive and well on Interlachen Lane.

Treasurers Report
The treasurer’s report indicates quite a deficit for the next year — something needs to be done.  Diana Gould reported that there was an extra $2,000 collected (not expected or put in the 2006 budget) as well as an additional $2,000 that was budgeted but not spent.  However, the 2007 budget shows considerable deficit.  There is a certificate of deposit that the association holds in the amount of $10,236.82.

Commissioners’ Reports

Blue Lake Commissioner
Report to be held after the Interlachen Association meeting to discuss Solar Bee.

Parks and Road Commissioner
Terry Schulz discussed the patching of private part of Interlachen that needs to be done as soon.  He also recommended that a more formal group needs to discuss how it is going to be done and financed.  Bids for the replacement of the Welsh Park Gazebo roof have come in at $1900 for 30 year composition shingles and as high as $4,000 for a metal roof.  Additionally, the Blue Lake easement stairs need repair.

Sandy Pattock showed a copy of the new membership packet that is delivered to all new residents.  It includes pictures, materials and info regarding the lakes, and a welcome letter explaining the social elements of the association as well as the need to pay dues to pay for lights, easements, park services, and roads.  Also in the packet is a letter from Mary Lou Johnson, Historical Representative, Boating Regulations, Metro and board member phone numbers, and social events.  In 2005, Interlachen Association had 65 members.  Sandy was able to bring that up to 96 members for 2006.  That is a 38% increase.

A suggestion was made to have a membership committee with more volunteers to keep this figure the same or higher for 2007.  Other membership drive suggestions from the floor included distributing a list of non-members and giving more membership packets to board members or neighbors of new residents.

By-laws Committee
By-law revisions were handed out 90-120 days prior to the annual meeting—they were also emailed.  There were many small administrative changes and a few larger changes. 13 revisions were approved and a revised bylaws will be published in the next few weeks and be posted on our website,

Social Committee
Bettianne Goetz thanked all members of the 2006 Social Committee.  A meeting will take place Sunday, April 18, 2007, to plan events.  At this time, they are planning on just 2 picnics this summer and the pancake breakfast.  The 2007 Easter Egg Hunt was a great success with over 50 children.

Historical Committee
Kay Moultrie reported that the historians are alive and well.  She thanked and acknowledged committee members.  This year the historians presented to the Troutdale Historical Society the “Glorious Days of Interlachen” scrapbook.  A long term goal of this committee will be to meet with the older residents and newer residents and have them share why they have moved here.  They also plan to purchase a video recorder to document Interlachen activities.  Kay also addressed the Blue Lake DVD that is available for purchase.

Audit Committee
Ernie Brawley introduced his committee member Dennis Meyer.  He stated that the books were in order but expressed his concern about how the association needs to address how services are being provided to non-members.  Marylou Johnson moved to accept and Bettianne Goetz seconded.  The books were accepted.

Nominating Committee
Jon Wissler was not in attendance.  The names of Curt Knight and Mel Rieff had been previously submitted for new board members.  Eric Erickson moved to close nominations.  Ernie Brawley seconded the motion and the motion was approved.

Unfinished Business
The 2007 budget needed approval.  Questions were raised regarding the total amount in membership collected listed being less than in 2006.  Dianna addressed this concern explaining she gave a conservative estimate due to the fact that several homes are now for sale as well as the active membership committee of 2006.  A motion to accept the budget was made by Tom Burns.  It was seconded and adopted.

The future action of the Interlachen Association was addressed.  The financial responsibilities of the board include insurance for the board, liability insurance, property taxes, lights, roads, and maintenance of the park.  At the present time, the financial liabilities exceed the projected amount to be collected in association fees.

Options were discussed to address this financial deficit.  The first option reviewed was Fairview annexation.  Annexing to Fairview will result in an increase in taxation for all residents—$1.03 per $1,000 in home value was the guessed increase.  An alternative could be to organize a new PUD for the roads, parks, and lights or to transfer everything to the current PUD.  A request was made to send registered letters to non-paying residents alerting them to the budget deficit and financial crisis and requesting their dues.

A motion to raise dues $50 was made by Tom Burns.  Members discussed concerns regarding the inability to collect the current dues from residents let alone an additional $50.  The idea that current members will be paying more to finance the non-paying members was also an issue.  The motion was withdrawn.

A motion to assess members a  $100 special assessment to help defray budget costs was made by Tom Burns.  The same concerns were expressed.  The motion was withdrawn.

Bettianne Goetz made a motion to form a group to study how to begin the process for a starting a limited improvement district or PUD or adding to the current IWPUD.  It was seconded by Jean and passed.  The president then called for volunteer members to this study committee.  Dave Trask, Steve Gould, Tom Burns, Ernie Brawley, Mel Rieff, Bettianne Goetz, and Terry Schulz volunteered.  A special meeting could be called before the next annual meeting should this committee and the board want to take action on a new/revised financial package.

Nominating Committee
A volunteer was needed for the nominating committee.  Tom Burns offered to head the nominating committee.

The motion to adjourn was made by Mel Rieff.  It was seconded, passed, and the 77th Annual Meeting came to a close.