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Monday, March 19, 2007
Teyema House, 6:00PM

Present: Al Goetz, Bettianne Goetz, Dianna Gould, Joe Horton, Lance Pattock, Sandy Pattock Erika Teyema

Excused: Terry Schulz

Minutes from the January 7, 2007 meeting were read and approved with the amendment that there are three open positions for election.

In preparation for the annual meeting, the president reviewed the agenda.

  • Sandy Pattock will open with introduction of guests and new members.
  • Reading of last years annual meeting minutes – Erika Teyema
  • Presidents Report – Al Goetz will review board/association accomplishments and what association membership offers
  • Treasurers Report – Dianna Gould will discuss the proposed budget.
  • Blue Lake Commissioners Report – Joe Horton will defer Blue Lake Report to directly after the meeting to discuss water quality and Solar Bee.
  • Membership – Sandy Pattock will review membership success in 2006. She will be at the table helping identify members in good standing and should be in contact with the treasurer to keep an updated membership dues collected figure for the treasurer’s report.
  • Social – Bettianne Goetz will discuss social committee activities. Social committee will provide cookies and coffee for annual meeting.
  • By-law Changes – Lance Pattock
  • Audit Committee – Dianna Gould believes everything is set with Ernie Brawley.

Safety deposit box has been closed. The key was found.

There have been several crimes in the neighborhood including vandalism at the park pump house. The board discussed neighborhood alert/watch options. Emailing alerts appears to be the best option.

The president discussed the new structure alternatives to be presented at the annual association meeting: annexing to Fairview, organizing or reorganizing a PUD, or doing nothing.

The annual meeting notice will need to alert members to bring their own copies of by-law changes or print them off the internet before coming to the meeting. Copies will not be available at meeting. The packet to be distributed 10 days before the meeting will need to include a meeting announcement ( Bettianne Goetz volunteered to make the flyer) and a proxy. Erika Teyema will hand deliver most of the announcements. An updated membership list will be needed for the meeting.

Dianna Gould presented a bid for letters and letterhead from Metro print. The board decided to look into just ordering envelopes and printing out letterhead straight from the website. Erika Teyema will get envelope bids.

Joe Horton reported that the lake patrol boat will be tuned up for $100.

Bettianne Goetz reminded of the Easter Egg Hunt which includes children from both lakes.

The board will meet informally on Tuesday, April 3, 2007 at Carlino’s for all final board meeting preparations.

Respectfully Submitted,
Erika Teyema