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September 14, 2006
Goetz House, 7:00 pm

Present: Al Goetz, Joe Horton, Erika Teyema
Excused: Dianna Gould, Lance Pattock, Sandy Pattock, Terry Shulz
There were not enough members present to have a quorum.

Minutes from the August 15, 2006 board meeting were read and approved.

August Financial Report
Statement beginning balance for checking account: $19,710.73

Deposits during August: $534.30 (including 2 membership fees of $150 for Teyemas & Kaiser, $100 boat fees for Pederson, Pattock, & Kaiser, and $134.30 income from social committee from garage sale proceeds and sale of one banner).

Expenses: $220.33

  • $72.50 July picnic
  • $32.20 garage sale costs
  • $29.90 membership packets
  • $85.73 PGE – monthly light bill

Statement for Ending Balance for Checking Account as of 8/31/06: $20,224.70
CD – Fixed Term 2752: $10,099.38


LAKE: The Blue Lake Subcommittee on Water Quality (including Terri Dressler, Jim Lind, Karen Williams, and the Metro Limnologist- James) will meet to discuss grants and solutions for water quality. Currently the PH, phosphorus, and ammonia levels are high.

MEMBERSHIP: Prorating yearly membership fees for new Interlachen
homeowners was discussed. Current residents are expected to pay the full amount regardless of month in which dues are paid.

SOCIAL: The last picnic will be Thursday, September 21 from 6-9pm.
There will be music by the Columbia Cutups. It is potluck, bring
whatever you want. Reminder notices are going into mailboxes this weekend. The banner will go up too.

Social committee members include: Judi Hood, Bev Knight, Jean MacLemore, Julia Warner, Pam Trask, Dianna Gould, Sandy Pattock, Katharine McKenzie, and Bettianne Goetz.


Community reorganization discussion suspended until next month.

A letter and diagram showing the new placement of the locking metal pole at Blue Lake Park is being sent to Jim Lind, Blue Lake County Park Manager. The pole will be moved into the pathway. This action should help maintain order, keep boats from illegally using the ramp, and help us to remain accountable for the boat activity on the lake.


The Coast Guard Auxiliary has offered to teach a boating safety class. Blue Lake Park has offered to let us use the park house…date to be announced.


No announcements.

Respectfully submitted,
Erika Teyema