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7/11/2006 Location: Gazebo at Nick and Maidie Welsh Park Time: 7-9pm

Members/Guests present:

Vice President-Lance Pattock, Treasurer- Dianna Gould, Road/Parks Comm.- Terri Schulz, and Lake Comm. – Joe Horton Non Attendees: President.- Al Goetz, Secretary- Ruth Maionchi has resigned, she is moving soon.


Meeting called to order at 7pm by Lance Pattock

The June minutes were accepted, had a motion to accept, seconded and passed to accept minutes as reported.

Treasurer’s report: Dianna reported fiscal year 2006 budget total income is $20,714. $10,000 dollars is also in a CD. Checks processed this month:

Check #
1961 $10 for replacement keys for easement dock access
1962 $35 for social committee photocopies expenses
1963 $161.63 for printing and sweatshirts/shirts/banners for sale through the social committee
1964 $193.96 to purchase two new picnic tables for gazebo
1965 $133.09 for annual meeting print and mailing expenses
1966 $550 for Apr/May landscape maintenance
1967 $150 for two months of bookkeeping fees
1968 $21.50 for sweatshirt & printing
1969 $73.54 for pancake feed supplies
1970 $300 for Interlachen website construction and years subscription fees
1971 $875 for June landscape maintenance
1972 $218.77 for pancake feed expenses

Deposits: 6/02/06 for $150 6/09/06 for $175 6/29/06 for $493

IWPUD/FLPOA Liaison Report: Position is currently vacant

Road/Park Commissioner Report: Blue Lake Easement hedges and brush were trimmed. Nick and Maidie Welsh Park trees and shrubbery are overgrown and we are going to obtain a bid to trim them from Rich’s Tree Service. Gazebo roof needs to be replaced, estimates are being sought to replace roof with architectural composition shingles.

Lake Commissioner report: Blue Lake residents need to remember that our community needs to “self monitor” our activities on the lake. If you observe any residents or guests not following lake rules or Oregon Boating laws, try to communicate in a nice way to them that they are not abiding by the lake rules or laws. They should comply so as to not endanger our privilege to have powerboats on Blue Lake. Our Lake Commissioner (Joe Horton) has an official agreement with Metro and Multnomah County Sheriff Marine Patrol to enforce lake rules and state boating laws. If the offending parties continue to violate lake rules and state laws, the Sheriff will be summoned to issue citations or remove your boat from Blue Lake!

The following residences have been reported to the Lake Commissioner for alleged violations:

21615 NE Interlachen- overloaded boat and not traveling counter-clockwise when other ski-boats are on the lake. Passengers riding on the swimboard when towing.

20925 NE Interlachen- no observer in their boat when towing a wake boarder/skier/tuber.

21622 NE Blue Lake Rd.- no observer in their boat when towing a wake boarder/skier/tuber, failure to display orange flag when a wake boarder/skier has fallen, violating red flag policy by towing wake boarder during very busy holiday weekend.

Social Committee report: First of three summer evening picnic events will be Thursday, July 27. It will be a Carnival theme. Flyers will be going out soon. Interlachen Garage Sale is scheduled for Aug. 11 (neighbor preview night) and Aug. 12 (open to public).

Membership report: Sandy Pattock has agreed to serve as our membership representative. She will attempt to visit new residents who have moved onto Interlachen and the lakes this year.

Old Business: Jean Riding has volunteered to review and submit by-laws changes for next yrs. annual meeting.

Joe Horton to purchase a yellow flag to be given to the Blue Lake Boat rental vendor. This yellow flag will warn lake residents that the lake is too congested with rental boats and the” no wake policy” is now in effect until conditions improve. The red flagwill alert residents that the lake is unsafe to swim in and they should contact board members or Metro for further clarification.

New Business: Discussion of LID and PUD options has been deferred to next month’s meeting due to meeting time constraints. Three non-member Blue Lake residents will be sent a letter by certified mail requesting a $250 non-member powerboat fee. Current members need to pay their 2006 $25 powerboat fee to Interlachen Inc. or Lake Commissioner (Joe Horton) before he pays you a visit.

Announcements: 1. New website for Interlachen residents. www.interlacheninc.orgWe have eliminated passwords and personal information this year. Website has been upgraded to include classified ads, contractor referrals for various services around your homes, digital pics of activities, etc. Call Lance Pattock to submit a referral or something for the classified ads-it’s free!

2. Street Sale Aug 11th and 12th. A good time to make some cash for unwanted items. The social committee will inform residents of more details, as we get closer to that date.

3. We have two volunteer positions unfilled on our board of directors or standing committees: The Secretary and IWPUD/Fairview Lake Property Owners Liaison positions are vacant. We would appreciate anyone interested and willing to contribute to our organization their time and effort to fill one of these positions for 2006.

4. Wake board tournament on July 14/15/16 at Blue Lake Park. Please observe the no wake policy and avoid the wake board course when participants are competing. Free tickets to attend the tournament inside the park may be obtained from Joe Horton or Lance Pattock.

Next Board Meeting Date/Location: August 15th at the Gazebo at Nick and Maidie Welsh park at 7pm.