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Present: Al Goetz, President, Lance Pattock, Vice-President, Dianna Gould, Treasurer, Terry Schulz, Parks Commissioner and Joe Horton, Lake Commissioner
Call to Order: Meeting called to order at 7:05 p.m.
Reading of the Minutes: A motion was made by Lance & seconded by Terry to approve the May Board minutes.  Motion passed.
Treasurer’s Report: A copy of the 5/31/06 bank statement with a statement ending balance of $21,561.74 and a YTD variance to budget report as of 5/31/06 was presented to all in attendance.  YTD we have collected $11,478 in revenue and have incurred expenses of $1,496.17. The money from the closed Columbia Fund ($1,960) is still in the checking account but it is considered an asset on the balance sheet and is not be included in our revenue account.

The following checks have been approved and issued from May 1 – June 6, 2006:
Check # 1960: $33.95 – President’s expense: food for annual board meeting
Check # 1961: $10 – Park Commissioner’s expense: copies of keys made for Blue Lake Easement
Check # 1962: $35 – Social Committee expense: copies at UPS store
Check # 1963: $161.60 – Social Committee expense: invoice for printing on sweatshirts and banners
Check # 1964: $193.98 – Park Commissioner’s expense: purchase of two plastic picnic tables to replace the broken wooden tables at the park
Check # 1965: $133.09 –President’s expense: reimbursement for postage and copies for annual board meeting
Check # 1966: $150 – Treasurer’s expense: bookkeeping fees for April & May
Check # 1967: $550 – Park Commissioner’s expense: issued to Able Chavez for grounds maintenance for April & May
Check # 1968:  $21.50 – Social Committee expense: invoice for sweatshirt printing
On-line Payments of: $85.73 & $85.37 made for monthly PGE bills
Debit card transaction of: $59.90 was made for April & May monthly fees for website

A Bank of America C.D. was purchased for $10,000 out of our checking account.  We will receive interest of 3.93% and the C.D. matures on 10/12/06.  Any amount can be taken out of the C.D. at any time between now and the maturity date with no penalty. We still have over $20,000 in our checking account.

New board members who do not currently have signing privileges on the checking account need to go to the Bank of America and get on the signature card.

Shelley Oleachea-Caufield canceled current website vendor. Debit card will be canceled to ensure no future automatic transaction by vendor for website. New website ( will be up by June 15, 2006.

President’s Report:

Old Business – First Option Researched on Future of Interlachen, Inc.Annexation of Interlachen, Inc. into the City of Fairview: On 5/25/06 several board members met with P. Robert Cochran, P.E., Public Works Director of the City of Fairview. Summary of meeting highlighted below with pros & cons of taking this action:

No Change:

  • No change to police coverage
  • Sewage fee to remain the same


  • Access to Fairview City Attorney
  • Ordinances enforced
  • Representation by Fairview City Council & Mayor on city related issues.  We would be eligible to run for council positions.


  • Each homeowner would be assessed a Fairview tax rate of $3.49/$1,000 of property value
  • Each homeowner would be assessed a $7.21 monthly storm water fee
  • All home improvements would require permits through City of Fairview
  • Each homeowner would be individually assessed an unknown amount for widening of road and development of curves.  This could impact some current property and street parking.
  • Park, boat launch and easement would be open to the Public.

*There may be issues concerning the future of the water system including fire hydrants, as the water system is currently independent from Interlachen, Inc.

Vice-President Report: Letter drafted regarding safety concerns about Blue Lake boat rental facility and patrons.  Lance will make changes discussed, send for one more review by board and then submit to Rod Park, Metro Councilor, Metro Operations staff, and Don Barron, River Trails Raft & Canoe Boat Rental Facility Owner.  We will request a meeting with these individuals to discuss water safety and trespassing patrons.

Commissioners Reports:
Blue Lake Commissioner (Joe Horton): Gresham fire department conducted water safety training on Blue Lake training with new water rescue equipment.  This will occur two more times in June.  Triathlon scheduled for mornings of 6/10 & 6/11/06.  Reminder of flag rules:  Green Flag means it is okay to use boats for skiing and other recreational activities.  Yellow Flag means 5 mile per hour and no wake boating.  Red Flag means no boating and stay out of the water due to water quality problems.

If your boat entered Blue Lake for the first time after January 2004 you need to check with Joe for boat length restrictions and AWSA Towboat approval.  Boat registration for the 2006 Blue Lake boating season is now open.  Cost is $25 for recreational boats and $10 for non-power boats.  Make checks payable to Interlachen, Inc. and send or give to Joe. Any questions contact Joe at 503-492-1910 or 503-706-1535.

Issues of water quality and status of SolarBee Units will be addressed in a separate letter next week. Water management committee scheduled to meet next month.

Road and Parks Commissioner (Terry Schulz): Purchased two new picnic tables to replace the broken ones in the Gazebo.
Fairview Lake Commissioner (unfilled)

Standing Committee Reports:
Membership Committee (unfilled – looking for a volunteer)
Bylaws, Rules of Order Committee (unfilled): We are in the process of determining the future of Interlachen, Inc. and this will be deferred for a period of time while we research the different options presented at last month’s meeting.
Social Committee (Bettianne Goetz): Please refer to schedule of activities provided to all members.  Our next event will be the Pancake Breakfast on Saturday, June 24.  Look for flyers for details in your paper or mailboxes.
Historian Committee (Kay Moultrie-Tucker): No report
Audit Committee (Ernie Brawley): No report

New Business: Form submitted and approval for use of Interlachen, Inc. Nick & Madie Welsh Park by Schulz family on July 21-23, 2006.

Announcements: July 4, 2006 – Blue Lake Non-Powered Boat Races at 3:00 p.m.  Starting line at east end of lake. Fairview Boat Parade at 5:00 p.m.

Next board meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 11 at 7:00 p.m. at the Gazebo.

Meeting adjourned at 8:42 p.m.