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May 9,2006
Home of Lance Pattock

The meeting was called to order by Al Goetz, President. Those present were Lance Pattock (Vice President), Dianna Gould (Treasurer), Ruth Maionchi (Secretary), Bettianne Goetz (Social Chair) and Terry Schulz (Roads and Parks). Joe Horton (Blue Lake Commissioner) was absent.

Minutes of the April 18th meeting were read and approved.

Treasurers Report: Dianna reported on the current status of the association’s bank balance and was authorized to pay the bills. She also reported that the association’s keys to its safety deposit box are missing. It will cost $200 to have the box opened by the bank, ft appears that it has not been opened in several years and its contents are unknown by the present board. Action: the board decided to take no action at this time. If anyone knows the whereabouts of the key, please contact Dianna.


Roads and Parks: Terry discussed the decision to purchase two picnic tables with seats for the park. These tables would be used only at the park and be stored on the premises. Each will cost $100. The Board approved this action. (These two tables have since been assembled by Terry and Al).

Lake Commissioner: In Joe’s absence Lance reported on a meeting held at the Lake House. Representatives of Metro and DEQ were also present. Blue Lake water quality was discussed. EPA funds to remove blue green algae are available and an application for a 319 Grant will be submitted in October. This is a new grant and both Metro and the Association will be required to provide information. To demonstrate need, the infestation will require additional documentation. Any homeowner on the lake can request a vial from the park and provide further data on the presence of this algae.

Lance also reported that members can obtain a key to the gate from Joe Horton for launching boats before 9:00 a.m.

Social Committee: Bettianne reported that the annual pancake breakfast will be Saturday, June 24,9-12, at Welsh Park. The menu will be a little different this year. It will be a surprise! A list of summer events will be posted on the Internet and on the community bulletin board.

Membership: This committee position is currently unfilled.

Fairview Lake Liaison: This committee position is currently unfilled.

Historian Committee: no report

OLD BUSINESS: Web site: Lance reported on the plan to obtain a new association web master and web page. The Board unanimously approved signing a new contract for service with Joe Hartman. He will design and manage the site. Joe charges an annual fee of $150. General discussion followed regarding use of the site by Association members. Possible uses include submitting old or new photographs of Interlachen Lane and the lakes, posting items of general interest as well as activities the Association will be sponsoring throughout the year, classified ads, warnings—for example, a recent incident occurred in which a person, who appeared to be high on drugs, walked into an occupied house. Fortunately, this person was being followed by a law enforcement officer. The web can also be used to input information on community issues, i.e. the proposed casino in Wood Village. The sight will be accessible to everyone and there will not be a password. Membership list information will not be on the web but will be handed out.

Fairview Lake Property Owners have had a successful web site for a couple of years. You might want to check it out at

Once the site is up and running minutes of Interlachen meetings will be posted on it, and will continue to be posted on the community bulletin board. Any member wanting a printed copy of the minutes or an updated list of the membership should contact Ruth Maionchi at 503-665-6355. The web site will probably be operable by our next Board meeting in June.

Insurance: Dianne discussed the need to renew the Association’s insurance coverage. The policy is mandatory and covers damages and Board of Directors liability. She requested that the Board review current coverage and let her know how to proceed.

Future of the Association: Al led a discussion regarding the future of the Association. The past couple of Boards have been concerned about this same thing. He stated that enrollment has decreased in recent years and has been due to various factors. One cause is that the Board no longer has responsibility for the water system. Another factor is that some Fairview Lake residents have joined their own association, Fairview Lake Property Owners, and instead of belonging to both Associations they do not see a reason for remaining in Interlachen, Inc. However, residents on both sides of Interlachen Lane are affected by the Association’s responsibilities with the road and street lights. Only members of Interlachen are contributing to these expenses. It is possible that these responsibilities could be delegated to our PUD. In the future Interlachen could become a strictly social organization. As an incorporated entity the Board must do certain things. Al distributed a list (see attached) of the following:

  1. Things Interlachen MUST do
  2. Things Interlachen MAY WANT TO do
  3. Options for Solutions

This list will be attached to the minutes and will be posted on the web and the bulletin board. Input from members and attendance at Board meeting would be welcomed. The Board unanimously approved this action.

ANNOUNCEMENTS: The next Board meeting will be held June 13th at 7:00 p.m., home of Dianna Gould, 21131 Interlachen.

The pancake breakfast will be June 24, 9-12, at the gazebo. See you there!

The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

Respectfully submitted, Ruth Maionchi, Secretary


Previous Interlachen Boards have grappled with this problem. We have bills to pay with fewer members. We cannot continue this way! Now your new Board will continue to work on this problem by using the following process. We want to know what all of our options are and what all of our needs are.

We have had 100% membership in Interlachen, Inc. when we had to deal with the county on such issues as “no private boats on Blue Lake”. There is nothing like a good enemy to bring a group together.

Some important events have happened that have had a strong effect on the membership of Interlachen. We established a PUD for our water decreasing the perceived need for Interlachen, Inc. FLPOA was started, again lessening the perceived need to belong to Interlachen for about half our members.

As our membership decreases that places an increasing burden on the remaining members. This Board proposes the following process to determine our future. We want everyone to participate, members and non-members alike. It may alter our future as a community.


Please add your comments to each of these items

  • Insurance for the Board ($1400)
  • Liability Insurance ($3000)
  • Maintain Properties ($4000)
  • Cooperate with the Park
  • Be involved in monitoring Blue Lake
  • Maintain Road ($1000)
  • Street Lights ($1300)
  • Annual Meeting ($300)
  • Property Taxes ($100)
  • State Corporation Fee ($50)
  • License ($260)
  • Community awareness of political issues


Please add your comments to each of these items:

  • Social Events (picnics, Easter egg hunt, Santa Claus Down the Lane, Christmas caroling, pancake breakfast, canoe races, bike rides, garage sale)
  • Gradually upgrade property
  • Clearinghouse for matters involving the County
  • Other?


Please add you comments to each of these options and add any we may not have thought of.

  • Annex to Fairview
  • Form a Special Service District (similar to a PUD, taxing authority, required membership)
  • Do nothing
  • Pare expenses to needs only
  • Continue concerted efforts of communication to encourage old and new members to join
  • Separate from Fairview Lake and redirect focus to Blue Lake issues only
  • Other?

GENERAL COMMENTS: These, plus whatever you may add, will be discussed at our Board meetings, one option/solution per meeting. Remember that you re always welcome at all Board meetings. The first possible option to be discussed will be the possibility of joining Fairview. We will list all pros and cons and publish them in the next issue of the minutes. This activity is for members and non-members. This will give us about 10 months to complete our survey. At the next annual meeting members only will vote on what direction to take. Thank you for your participation.



May 8, 2006
Blue Lake Homeowners Association
Dear Members:

With the common goal of protecting water quality of Blue Lake, we support evaluating all viable options for improving and protecting our shared resource. This includes pursing further investigations into the need, efficacy, and cost- effectiveness of the SolarBee product for mixing lake water.

In order to evaluate the appropriate approach to improving water quality of Blue Lake, we need to be clear of specific water quality problems so the appropriate effective tool can be applied. Complaints in recent years have focused on aquatic macrophytes. Limited data along with anecdotal reports suggest there may also be a blue-green algae problem at times. One remedial tool cannot fix all potential water quality problems. We want to be confident we have characterized the problem well and have a viable solution before committing public funds.

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) collected water quality data on Blue Lake in 2002 and 2003, in part to better understand the relationship between nutrients and algae in the lake water. Other priorities prevented DEQ from completing the Blue Lake analysis, but DEQ intends to resume that work in 2006. We propose to partner with DEQ to track algae growth and nutrients this summer to add to DEQ’s data set and assist in problem identification. We will also be conducting additional research on SolarBee and other options for the anticipated problems. DEQ has expressed commitment to working with the Homeowners Association and Metro to identify appropriate management strategies for Blue Lake. We look forward to working with the Homeowners Association moving this project forward this year.

Teri Dresler, Metro, 503-797-1790
Jim Lind, Metro, 503-797-1727
Jim Morgan, Metro, 503-665-6918
Karen Font Williams, Oregon DEQ, 503-229-6254

2006 By-Law Revisions

1. -Article IV, add “Section 13”. insert “resolution 4-2-98-2 here”
2.-Article V, Section 1. add “resolution 4-2-79-4 after first sentence”
3.-Article VI, Section 1. Insert “9” after Section on 5th line
4.-Section. 8. delete last half of sentence after “corporation”. Water assets have been
transferred to IWPUD.
5.-Article VIII, Section 3B. replace sentence to say “Post copies of monthly minutes to HOA website and the community bulletin board distribution box for all members and such persons as the Board of Governors may direct”.
6.-Article VIII, Section 4. add “I. Supervise contracted bookkeeper”.
7.-Article IX, Section 1A. delete ” Water Commissioner”, replace with “FLPOA/IWPUD
Commissioner “.
8.-1D. delete ” Fairview Lake Commissioner”, replace with “Membership Commissioner”.
9.-Article X, Section 1. delete “Water”, change to “IWPUD”.
10.-Article X, Section 2. delete “and Fairview Lake”, change to “FLPOA”. add “resolution
4-2-79-2” here.
11.-Article X, Section 3C. delete “Rental property”, change to “Supervise contracted
landscape vendor”.
12.-3D. add “resolution 4-2-79-3” here
13.-Article X, add “Section 4, The Membership Commissioner shall:”
14. -A. Contact New Resident and recruit them to join HOA.
15.-B. Provide new residents with an application for membership, a copy of the By Laws and lake rules, HOA website address and other pertinent information.”
16.-Article XI, Section 2. 2nd line, delete “mailed1” change to “distribution”. 3rd line, delete “his”, change to “their”.
17.-Article XI, Section 5. 3rd line, delete “mailed” to “emailed”.
18.-ArticIe XIII, Section 1A. delete “Membership”
19.-1D. delete “Zoning and Land Use Development” then realign lettering of committees.
20.-Article XIII, Section 3A. eliminate the whole section
21.3F. eliminate the whole section then realign lettering of standing committee duties
22.-Article XIII, Section 3.D. subsection b. insert “,photos”