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Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Contact Board Member:
The Lake House at Blue Lake Park
By-Law Revisisons
New Board Members
Fairview Lake Boat Ramp
Board Member Attendees:
Board Members in Attendance: President – Bob Hood; Vice President – Al Goetz;
Secretary – Shelley Oleachea-Caufield; Treasurer – Dianna Gould; Parks & Road Commissioner – Terry Schulz; FLPOA & IWPUD Liaison – Lance Pattock; Blue Lake Commissioner – Jason McGowan.
Meeting Called to Order: Bob Hood called the meeting to order at 7:00 P.M.Guest Speaker: Terry Dressler – Operations Director – Metro Parks – spoke about the landscaped area at the west end of Blue Lake Park that now has a monument celebrating the Native Americans who populated this area when Lewis & Clark came through. The area will be completed when the interpretative plaques that are still to come are installed. If you haven’t had a chance to see this area wander over and take a look. Mt. Hood (on a clear day) can be seen through a hole in the monument that was designed for this purpose. 

Saturday, July 4th will be the first day of a four day grand opening for the new water spray ground. Construction has already begun and will be in the same location where the basketball court was. The basketball court will be moved to a new location in the park. No word on where, however.

In addition to the grand opening other events to be held this summer at the park are as follows: Triathalon June 10 & 11; July 4th music at 6 PM and fireworks beginning at 10 PM (Fairview police will be directing traffic); Wakeboard competition; Triathalon event for women only August 5th.

The property to the east of the park is still being evaluated to determine if it is environmentally & monetarily feasible to develop a golf training center in that location.
Also, Blue Lake park news will be placed in various newspapers throughout the metro area in the hopes more revenue will be available for upkeep and events held at the park. The park is a valuable asset to the region but it needs to earn more revenue.
President: Introduced the board members that served from April 2005-April 2006 and thanked all of them for their great effort. The following committees or people were thanked for the work they have performed for the benefit of all who live on Interlachen Lane and nearby neighbors (whether they are members or not): Social committee – they do a terrific job putting on several events throughout the year Joe Horton has spent many hours to provide information about Solar Bee. Terry Schulz and Carl Marking and Jerry Larsen have worked hard (this means getting out in the cold wet weather or even very hot days) to take care of the wells that provide water for all of us. Terry works very hard to take care of our street as well. Pat Brawley for providing and caring for the plants at the sign at the west end of the lane. Ernie Brawley for auditing the treasurer report as he has done for the past several years. Jean McLemore extended a thank you to all of the current board members for their time spent on behalf of Interlachen, Inc. this past year.

Vice President report: He is glad to report that vice is alive and well on Interlachen

First drawing of the night: $50.00 gift certificate for Lowe’s went to Jean Sower. In all there were five separate drawings done at intervals throughout the evening. Two $50.00 gift certificate for G.I. Joes were drawn, one to Carl Marking and the other to Marcella Larsen. Betty Lou Johnson won a $50.00 gift certificate to Bumper’s. Jean McLemore won a $20.00 gift certificate to Café Bono.

Blue Lake Comm report: The new flag warning system that will be to advise about the water quality of Blue Lake. YELLOW = CAUTION; RED = NO SWIMMING OR SKIING & KEEP ANIMALS OUT. Park officials will be responsible for placing the flags. The flag warning system will be followed up by other services as well.

President: Asked if everyone present had read minutes from the 2005 annual meeting. Everyone agreed. A motion was made to accept the minutes as read, it was seconded. The vote was unanimous with no changes made.

Parks & Road Comm: The signs at the east and west end of the road are soon to be repaired. A new storage area has been installed in the pump house located at the Nick & Maidie Welsh park. This is for storage of Interlachen, Inc. records. Now all of these papers can be kept in one place to avoid losing important information. Abel Chavez is once again working to mow the lawns and trim the hedges at the park and the easement. Since the IWPUD will be scheduling work that will tear up the road repairs to Interlachen will be delayed.

FLPOA & IWPUD Liaison: A drawing of the location that was the final choice for a Fairview Lake boat ramp as well as a written cost of the estimate was made available to all of the members present. The location for the boat ramp was to be at the Nick & Maidie Welsh park and to be located in the space between the play structure and the Zgonc’s residence. Other locations were ruled out because of not enough room to maneuver a boat or because the locations were on property that would give the public the right to bring boats on to the lake irregardless of where they lived; nearby, or in Timbuktu. After a discussion by all present two main concerns were expressed: danger to any children who might be playing on the play structure when a boat was being backed down the ramp and how many boats would be using the ramp on a yearly basis (seven or eight) and would this justify the approximately $7,500 that it would cost to put in the boat ramp. After the discussion a motion was made to build the boat ramp in the location as discussed; a second was made. The motion was voted down.

Treasurer: Presented the financial statement for fiscal year 2006; March 1, 2005 to February 28, 2006.
Budgeted income = $15,150; YTD Actuals as of 2/28/06 = $12,374.84;
YTD Variance to Budget = -$2775.18; Total Expense: $16,033; Net Income (Loss) ($883.00) YTD Actuals as of 2/28/06 = $14,294.28; Net Income (Loss) ($1,919.44); YTD Variance to Budget ($1,738.72) Net Income (Loss) ($1,036.44). Still seeking one more key to the safe deposit box. If no one has the key the box will have to be drilled to recover the contents in the box (if there is anything inside) and to close the account for the box. That fee will be about $75. Thanked Ernie Brawley for doing the audit report. Stated that $7,000 will be removed from the Parks & Road commissioner expense; $500.00 will be retained for other repairs. This will be done because the boat ramp was voted down.0A motion was made to accept the budget; it was seconded; all voted yes.

Auditor Report: (Ernie Brawley) Current financial statements are in good order. The following reviews and observations were conducted: The financial statements reflect a modified cash basis method of reporting. Dues paid in advance for the 2006/2007 fiscal year are shown in the liability section of the balance sheet. As recommended in previous audits accounts receivable are not shown as income until payment is actually received.
The audit consisted of confirming bank balances and investment balances as of the fiscal year end. Receipts were compare to bank deposits. Expenditures were reviewed for adequate supporting documents. No exceptions were found.
The checking account has a large balance which could result in income if excess funds were invested in an interest bearing account.

Membership: Bev Knight was unable to attend so her report was given by Bob Hood. There is a slight increase in membership from last year, however the right idea to attract new members still has not been hit upon.

Historian: (Kay Moultrie/Tucker) spoke on behalf of the historians. They have done many things to keep the history of Interlachen, Inc. alive. Photos were on display at the annual meeting. Writing down memories of many of the old timers who still live in the area about the many fun events that took place when the park was owned by Nick & Maidie Welsh is one thing that keeps all of them very busy. They are having great fun working as a group. In addition to Kay the following are members of the Historians: Jean Ridings, Mary Lou Johnson, Helen Knudsen, Carol Manfredi, Susan Myer, Priscilla Giama.

Nominating committee: It was tough going trying to recruit volunteer board members for the 2006/2007 year. Only one member volunteered. A motion was made to accept Joe Horton as a board member; it was seconded; It was accepted. There are now five members that will be on the board for the coming year.

Old Business: The revisions to the bylaws that were to be voted on were made available to the members both at the meeting and also ten days prior to the meeting.
No revisions were made. Jean Ridings read a passage from Robert’s Rules of Order pertaining to the timing when revisions were to be presented for review so as to be ready to be voted on at the annual meeting. Basically, the statement was that as there were 22 revisions to be voted on this constituted a total revision because there were more than three or four revisions. And as such the revisions needed to have been mailed to all of the members in February for review. The board determined the revisions that were presented were just basic clean up to the wording of the bylaws and making it pertinent to what is actually happening today. None the less a motion was made to table the bylaws revision until next year; a second was made; a yes vote was accepted.

Jon Wissler agreed to head the nominating committee to recruit volunteers for the 2007/2008 board.

Meeting Adjourned: 9:00 P.M.

Board Members for year 2006/2007 are as follows: Terry Schulz, Joe Horton, Lance Pattock, Dianna Gould, Al Goetz

Contact Person Recording the Minutes:
Shelley Oleachea-Caufield