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Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Contact Board Member:
Location: Pattock Residence 20827 NE Interlachen Ln.
Annual Meeting
Board Member Attendees:
Board Members present: Pres. Bob Hood, Treasuer- Dianna Gould, IWPUD/FLPOA Liason – Lance Pattock, Rd/Parks Comm.- Terry Schulz, Blue Lake Comm. – Jason McGowan.
Non Attendees: Vice Pres. – Al Goetz, Secretary – Shelley Oleachea-Caufield, Membership – Bev Knight.
Meeting called to order at 7PM by Bob Hood.The January minutes were read, a motion was made to accept the minutes, a second was made, and all present voted yes.

Treasurers report: Dianna reported fiscal year 2005 budget total income was $16,033. Year to date as of 1/31/06 is $13, 898. Year to date varience is $2134. Dianna presented a new invoice for February 2007 which was mailed in the first half of February to members. The website monthly charges have not been billed to Interlachen Inc for the past few months. Dianna will notify Shelley. Also, does any member have the key for the Interlachen safety deposit box? The key is needed before the lock is drilled out to provide access the to the box.

IWPUD/FLPOA Liason Report: Lance reported he submitted a letter from the Interlachen Board in March to IWPUD requesting the IWPUD to assume billing for street lights and road repair. The boat ramp committee is still trying to determine which of the various sites currently under consideration will be the best site for a ramp. Now that the weather is improving enough that they can do so without tearing up the grass a test drive with a boat will be done. Lance also submitted a By-Laws Revisions rough for 2006 to the By-laws committee.

Road & Parks Commissioner report: Terry reported that some spring road repair will occur when the weather improves. A request to reserve the park Jul 21-22 for a family reunion has been submitted to the board by a member.

Lake Commissioner report: Jason reports that the lake is full.

Social Committee report: No report

Membership report: No report

Old Business: None

New Business: Annual Meeting Agenda items to be discussed; please submit agenda request to board before March 14th, 2006.

The next board meeting will be March 14th (Tuesday at 7 pm) at the Goulds residence at 21131 NE Interlachen Ln.

Contact Person Recording the Minutes:
Shelley Oleachea-Caufield or Lance Pattock