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Time: 7:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Contact Board Member:
Knight Residence (21143)
Annual Membership Notices
Why Everyone Should Become A Member
Board Member Attendees:
Board Members In Attendance: President – Bob Hood; Secretary – Shelley Oleachea-Caufield; Treasurer – Dianna Gould; IWPUD & FLPOA Liaison – Lance Pattock; Road & Parks Commissioner – Terry Schulz; Membership – Bev Knight.Board Members Unable To Attend: V. President – Al Goetz; Blue Lake Comm. – Jason McGowan.
Bob: Meeting called to order at 7:00 P.M.
The minutes from the December meeting were accepted as previously read.Dianna: Budget for fiscal year 2005 (March 1, 2005 to Feb 28, 2006) total income is $15,150.00. Year to Date (as of 12/31/05) Actual is $12, 263.76. Year to Date Variance is
$2886.24. The difference is due to the fact that less membership fees were received and the one time lower boat fee that was collected summer of 2005. Also the board voted to pay $6.99 reimbursement to Julia Warner for Social Committee expenses.

Jason: No report.
Bev: No new news at this time.

Lance: Due to the heavy rains that have dumped on us for the last several weeks it has been impossible to test drive a boat at the location that is to be tested for use as a Fairview Lake boat ramp. A report will be made when the grounds are dry enough for the experiment to take place.

Terry: Noted that some places along Interlachen Ln need repairs (pot holes and large mud puddles) and is working on taking care of these issues.

Bettinne Goetz: Social Committee report
The Easter Egg Hunt will be Saturday, April 15, at 1:00P.M. The social committee is all set to get flyers out for the event. We will gather names of people to contribute eggs at the April 10 annual meeting. I will circulate a sign-up at the annual meeting to see if anyone else wants to join the committee. I have actually had people show an interest because we are having such a good time. That is different!!! The current committee members all plan to continue: Jean MacLemore, Julia Warner, Pam Trask, Laura Davies, Judi Hood, Sherre Barnett, Dianna Gould and Bettianne Goetz, as chair. We plan to have a T-shirt and banner sale at the annual meeting. We have had interest in the banners on the south shore of Fairview Lake and will begin to make them available to them as well. FLPOA’s annual meeting is April 26 and hope to take orders then. There are generally 75 in attendance at that meeting. Sorry to miss the meeting. See you in March.

Old Business: A notice reminding everyone why we should all pay to belong to Interlachen, Inc, along with billing for membership for year 2006-2007 will be sent out in February. The membership fee is still a low $150.00 for a year. There is a 10% discount if paid within 30 days of receipt of the notice. This makes the membership fee of $135.00 even better.

The next two meetings will be held at:
Tuesday, February 7, 2006 at Pattock residence (20827)
Tuesday, March 14, 2006 at Gould residence (21131)

Contact Person Recording the Minutes:
Shelley Oleachea-Caufield
503 465-1634