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Time: 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Contact Board Member:
Oleachea-Caufield residence (21442)
New Bookkeeper
Board Member Attendees:
Board Members in Attendance: President – Bob Hood, V.P. – Al Goetz, Secretary -Shelley Oleachea-Caufield, Parks & Road Comm. – Terry Schulz, IWPUD & FLPOA Liaison – Lance Pattock, Membership Comm. – Bev Knight.
Board members absent: Treasurer: Dianna Gould and Blue Lake Commissioner: Jason McGowan
Bob: Meeting called to order at 7:00PM. The minutes were approved with corrections made as noted:
The amounts noted for Merrill Lynch & Columbia funds were approximate amounts and change daily. I (the Treasurer) received a check for $146.76 for the actual close out of the Merrill Lynch account.Lance: No further discussion has taken place to determine a location for a Fairview Lake boat launch. The next scheduled date is still to be arranged.
Around 11:30PM a couple of weeks ago Lance asked some local teenagers to put out the campfire and leave the premises at Nick & Maidie Welsh Park. They were not unruly or disrespectful but as signs are posted at the park that it is not open after sunset this was the proper request to be made. For all members of Interlachen, Inc. the park is available for private gatherings during daylight hours but please remember that the Road & Park Commissioner needs to be notified. By doing this we hope to eliminate conflicts with the parks use during daylight hours.

Terry: Still working to have stripes painted on the speed bumps. It is difficult however, because it is hard to find someone willing to take on small jobs such as is needed for the new speed bumps on Interlachaen Ln. (As you all may have noticed, the paint job has been completed.)

Bev: Gaining new members is proving difficult. Seems as if some long time neighbors have various excuses for not rejoining. Some of those excuses have to do with things that happened long ago and may not have anything to do with this HOA as it is today. Perhaps it is time to reexamine those excuses and talk to current members about what is happening in this association today and see if those excuses still apply.
Bettiane: In December there will be a Santa and Caroling event. A flyer will be passed out with more details.

Treasurer Report: Total income through 10/31/05 is $33,473.01 and total expense is $10,766.40. Overall total in account as of 10/31/05 is $22,706.61. A unanimous vote was made to pay the following expenses. Terry made a motion to pay the expenses listed below. It was seconded and a unanimous vote was made by all present.
Carl Marking – $216.58 ( expenses for pancake breakfast), Eastco Diversified Services, Inc. – $244.20 (t-shirts/banners) Julia Warner – $13.98 (social committee, t-shirts/banners), Laura Davies – $150.00 (Indian Folklore/Salmon Bake), Lloyd Purdy Insurance – $585.00 (Bond Insurance), Multnomah County – $29.26 (taxes), PGE – $84.97 (street lights), State of Oregon – $50.00 (Domestic Non-Profit Corp. Registration.)

A meeting at the Lake House at Blue Lake Park is scheduled for December 6th at 6:00PM. Joe Horton has been instrumental in arranging this meeting to discuss SolarBee which is a solar-powered water circulation system designed to clear lakes of algae. If you want to learn more about this system then please attend the meeting. It should be very informative.

The board has been seeking a new bookkeeper. Two bids were made for the position. After a brief discussion on the merits of each Terry made a motion to hire Amy Reed of Gresham for the position. It was seconded; all present agreed.

A letter will be delivered to all homeowners on Interlachen Ln with an explanation as to why equitable fees should be paid by all neighbors. The board is trying to come up with a clear explanation as to what each household pays for to keep our neighborhood accessible and livable. The letter will be delivered sometime in either January or February.

Meeting adjourned: 8:30PM .

Next two meetings: 12/13/05, 7:00PM at the Goetz residence (21208)
01/10/06, 7:00PM at the Knight residence ((21143)

Contact Person Recording the Minutes:
Shelley Oleachea-Caufield
503 465-1634