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Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Contact Board Member:
Bob Hood’s (20601)
New Bookkeeper
Commissioner Reports
Board Member Attendees:
Board Members in Attendance: President: Bob Hood, V. President: Al Goetz, FLPOA & IWPUD Liaison: Lance Pattock, Treasurer: Dianna Gould, Road & Parks Commissioner: Terry Schulz, Commissioner at large: Bev Knight, Blue Lake Commissioner: Jason McGowan. Also, Social Committee Chair: Bettianne Goetz.
Absent Board Members: Secretary: Shelley Oleachea-Caufield.
Bob Hood: Introduced Dianna Gould who is taking over as treasurer. Debbi Bristow is unable to continue as treasurer and resigned (regretfully) as of 8/1/05.Dianna Gould: As of 7/31/05 the balance in the Interlachen, Inc. checking account was $26,496.82. The membership list for 2005/2006 is completed. Both Dianna and Shelley have keys to the post office box which is located at the Fairview Village Post Office. She recommended hiring an outside bookkeeper. The board will look into this.

Jason McGowan: Reported that a couple of Interlachen, Inc. members are not following Blue Lake & Blue Lake Park rules on taking boats onto and off of the lake and would like to see those members be more respectful of other members. Another reminder of the new flag system: Yellow flag: No wake policy; Red Flag: No swimming & stay out of lake; Green Flag: All is okay.

Lance Pattock: The IWPUD is looking for volunteers for a new “System Maintenance
Financial Committee.” If you are wanting to get involved please contact Rob Johnson at 503 667-5115.

Terry Schulz: The speed bumps to be painted soon. The storage room to hold Interlachen, Inc. files from previous years is now completed.

Jerry Larsen, Carl Marking, & Terry Schulz deserves a big thank you and a loud round of applause. As do all of the others, who aren’t named at this time, for keeping Interlachen, Inc. running.

Bettiane Goetz: The August 25 picnic was a huge success in spite of the heat. Thank you to Sherri Barnett, Diana Gould, Pam Trask, Laura Davies, Judy Hood, & Jean McLemore. Special thanks to the Gould’s for the great salmon & Laura Davies for all of the wonderful art work.

New business: (1) Bev Knight brought up the problem on the road of skunks, rats, & raccoons. (One of Shelley’s two dogs was sprayed by a skunk just yesterday, ugh, what an awful smell ) Bev has had Critter Gitters trap a skunk that was on her property. Critter Gitters told Bev they have been out to many homes on Interlachen and there is a real problem out here. Everyone needs to help and be responsible about not attracting any of these creatures by not leaving bird seed or any other food out. (2) A discussion was held regarding the possibility of hiring a caretaker for Interlachen, Inc. More discussion will be held on this matter. In the meantime Lance made a motion to write up a job description. It was seconded and approved.

Dennis Meyer will head up the nominating committee to recruit volunteers for Interlachen, Inc. board members for year 2005/2006. Three vacancies will need to be filled. Bob Hood, Shelley Oleachea-Caufield, & Jason McGowan will be departing as board members. Please get involved, being on the board is a great way meet new people and be the first to know what is happening in your community. If you want to volunteer contact Dennis at 503 661-2461.

Lance Pattock: We all need to be more aware of activity on the lake. He saved a 13-year-old boy last week who jumped off of a paddle boat into the lake and could not swim. Way to go Lance

Meeting adjourned: 8:15PM
Next meeting to be held October 4 at the home of Jason McGowan (20115)

Minutes take by Bev Knight
Printed by Shelley Oleachea-Caufield

Contact Person Recording the Minutes:
Bev Knight 503 665-4056
Shelley Oleachea-Caufield