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6/28/2005 – 6/31/2005
Time: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm
Contact Board Member:
Oleachea-Caufield home (21142)
1. Call to Order.
II. Approval of last meetings minutes.
III. Treasurer’s Report.
IV. Committee Reports.
a. Blue Lake Comm.
c. Roads
d. Membership
e. Social
VI. New Business
a. Fairview tax
b. Other business
VII. Bills to be presented.
a. Speed bump $444.80
VIII. Adjournment
Board Member Attendees:
In Attendance: President – Bob Hood, V. President – Al Goetz, Secretary – Shelley Oleachea-Caufield, FLPOA & IWPUD Liaison – Lance Pattock, Membership at Large – Bev Knight, Blue Lake Commissioner – Jason McGowan, Road & Parks Commissioner – Terry Schulz.
In Attendance: President – Bob Hood, V. President – Al Goetz, Secretary – Shelley Oleachea-Caufield, FLPOA & IWPUD Liaison – Lance Pattock, Membership at Large – Bev Knight, Blue Lake Commissioner – Jason McGowan, Road & Parks Commissioner – Terry Schulz.Minutes were approved as read.

Treasurer – Debbi Bristow: Absent, no report.

Committee Reports as follows:
Blue Lake Commissioner: Blue Lake Boat Registration dates:
Tuesday, July 5th 6PM-8PM
Saturday, July 9th 9AM-11AM
Boats will be identified with eye stickers.

FLPOA & IWPUD Liaison: Fairview Lake has had a problem with curly leaf pond weed. The poles with the many colored ribbons were placed to identify the location of a individual weed or a cluster of weeds. Members of FLPOA and neighbors worked together to remove the weeds. It has been declared a success and the poles will be removed by this weekend.

IWPUD has granted a Memorandum of Understanding to Matt Barnett. Basically, it is
known that the wall running along the E. side of the easement is two feet over the property line onto the easement and can’t be extended any further at any time. This memorandum will have to be renewed if and when there is a new owner.
IWPUD will also install intrusion alarms on all of the pump houses as required by the federal government. If access is gained illegally, a blinking red light will be activated.

Road & Parks Comm: Terry Schulz and Rob Johnson will paint warning stripes on the new speed bumps. This will be done with paint that was purchased for the sum of $37.89, saving more than $360.00. The original bid was about $400.00 to put vinyl stripes on the speed bumps.

Membership at Large: A table was set up at the annual pancake breakfast to solicit new members. Recruiting new members is a work in progress.

Social:The dates and themes for the summer picnics are: July 28, “Swing Into Summer”. The schedule that evening will be a potluck dinner at 6-7, swing dance instruction in the gazebo from 7-8, and then a dance from 8-9.
1. The August picnic is 8/25. The theme of that potluck is to be a Potlatch with storytellers and a salmon bake.
The September picnic is on the 15th, 6-9. That will be an Old Fashioned Barbeque with a campfire.
At each picnic we will be selling t shirts and banners. We will have samples there and take orders for whatever people would like to buy. There are hooded, zippered sweatshirts, 1/4 inch zip, pullover sweatshirts, long sleeved t shirts (, short sleeved t shirts, garden banners for out on the street A Blue Lake Event organized by Lance Pattock: A canoe, kayak, paddle boat (manually powered boats) race is to be held July 4th at 1:00PM at the East end of the lake. There will be a diamond shaped course. The race will be about 3/4’s of a mile for adults and ½ a mile for kids 12 and under. Trophy’s will be presented for 1st place. Contact Lance Pattock with any questions. (503 665-3309)

At the last board meeting there was a unanimous vote to charge non members of Interlachen a $20.00 fee per lot for to attend future pancake breakfasts. A discussion was held about the wisdom of this action, as our main purpose is to attract new members, not to chase them away. Jason made a motion to rescind this motion. It was seconded and a yes vote was unanimous.
New Business: The City of Fairview has added a new tax which does not affect those of us who live along Interlachen Ln. because we live in unincorporated Multnomah County. The tax is to be collected by PGE and is listed as a Privilege Tax. If you notice this tax on your bill contact the City of Fairview to be removed from this tax.

MISSING: Brand new road barricade. IWPUD flashing road sign is missing. The sign is worth $100.00. Please return to Terry Schulz (21032) or call him (503 665-6880) if you know where it is.

Bills to be paid: Terry Schulz $37.89 (paint for speed bumps).
IWPUD (speed bump) $444.80
Jason made a motion to pay the bills, it was seconded. The vote was unanimous.

A nominating committee for the year 2006/2007 was not elected at the April annual meeting. We will need to have a nominating committee by January 2006. The Interlachen by-laws prohibit board members from being on the nominating committee. Please volunteer for this important position now.

Next two meetings: Thursday, July 21, 2005 6:00PM at Lance Pattock’s (20827)
Tuesday, August 30, 2005 6:00PM at Bob Hood’s (20601)

Meeting adjourned.

Classified Ad: For sale: Lapidary Equipment. Includes diamond saw, diamond wheel, grinding wheel, sanding belt wheel, polishing disc, cutting oil, tumbler, all on a rolling stand. $250.00
contact Al Goetz or

A member, suggesting the minutes needed something more, supplied these comments straight from Latitudes & Attitudes magazine.
Ponder this…Sailing isn’t dangerous. Sinking is dangerous.
WHADUPWIDAT? Why are a wise man and a wise guy opposites?
Good or Great… A good return to your slip is one from which you walk away. A great return is one after which you can use the boat again.

Contact Person Recording the Minutes:
Shelley Oleachea-Caufield – Secretary
503 465-1634