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Time: 6:00 pm – 8:30 pm
Contact Board Member:
Held at the home of Al Goetz.
To Determine the new board for 2005/2006
Board Member Attendees:
Present: President: Bob Hood, V. President: Al Goetz,
Treasurer: Debbi Bristow, Blue Lake Comm.: Jason McGowan,
Road & Parks Comm.:Terry Schulz, FLPOA & IPUD Liaison: Lance Pattock,
Membership: Bev Knight, Social Chair: Bettianne Goetz
Absent: Secretary: Shelley Oleachea-Caufield
Minutes read & approved from the March Meeting.Old Business: Fairview Boat Launch Committee will continue to investigate plans for a new boat launch ramp. Lance will meet with committee members and present findings to the Interlachen board members at the next board meeting to be held in May.

New Business: New board member positions voted on by those present as noted above. As per the Interlachen By-Laws the President, V. President, Treasurer, & Secretary hold those offices for only one year even though board members commit to a two year term. It was determined that in this particular case Debbi Bristow hadn’t served a full year as treasurer, so she will continue as treasurer.

A discussion was held that Interlachen, Inc. should have more social events in an effort to recruit more non-members to become members of Interlachen, Inc. Bettianne was to have held a organization meeting at her home Saturday April 16.

Debbi Bristow presented bills for payment. All present approved the payments as listed below:
Bettianne Goetz: $186.03 (Social)
Interlachen PUD: $220.00
PGE: $180.56
Steve Gould: $154.10 (Copies, Postage, Envelopes)
Amber Furman:$506.06 (Bookkeeper)
Amber Furman: $30.99 (copies for annual meeting)

Next meeting to be held on Wednesday, May 18, 6:00PM at Bev Knight’s (21143)

Motion to adjourn made by Debbi Bristow. Seconded by Bob Hood.

2005/2006 Board Members:
Bob Hood: (20601) 503 666-3542; Al Goetz: (21208) 503 666-4369: Shelley Oleachea-Caufield: (21442) 503 465-1634, Debbi Bristow: (21121) 971 570-3493, Jason McGowan: (20115) 503 665-0723, Terry Schulz: (21032) 503 665-6880, Lance Pattock: (20827) 503 665-3309, Bev Knight: (21143) 503 665-4056

For information about becoming a member of Interlachen, Inc. Please contact Bev Knight. If she is unavailable any board member may be contacted..

Contact Person Recording the Minutes:
Secretary: Shelley Oleachea-Caufield
503 465-1634 or