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Time: 7:00 pm – 9:30 pm
Contact Board Member:
Blue Lake Park Lake House
Board of Governor Reports
Review and revise by-laws
Board Member Attendees:
President, Shelley Oleachea-Caufield
Vice President – Bob Hood
Secretary – Steve Gould
Treasurer – Debbi Bristow
Park & Road Commissioner – Terry Schulz
Blue Lake Commissioner – Jason McGowan
FLPOA & IPUD Liaison – Lance Pattock
Jim Lind, Park Manager of Blue Lake Park, reviewed the events scheduled for the Park this summer:
Wake Board Competition – July 30 & 31
Triathlon – June 4 & 5 and August 6 & 7
Fourth of July Fireworks
Cross Country Track Event – September 1
Labor Day Concert (tentative)Dale Vasnik of the Park discussed the “Encounter at Nichaqwli” which is an event planned as part of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial. 

Jim reported there was no new information about a possible golf facility on Blue Lake property and indicated that water availability may be a problem.

TriMet will provide bus service from Gresham Transit Center to the Park this summer.

Dale talked about the Metro Naturalist Program and encouraged participation from Interlachen residents.

Concern was expressed regarding the monitoring of young children entering the water at the Park.

Jim reported that the comment period regarding the weed issue in the Lake is coming to a close. A grant is expected to be awarded to fund some trial methods for weed abatement.

President, Shelley Oleachea-Caufield, called the Annual Meeting of Interlachen, Inc. to order.

The Board of Governors of Interlachen, Inc. was introduced.
Vice President – Bob Hood
Secretary – Steve Gould
Treasurer – Debbi Bristow
Park & Road Commissioner – Terry Schulz
Blue Lake Commissioner – Jason McGowan
FLPOA & IPUD Liaison – Lance Pattock

Treasurer, Debbi Bristow, reported that there were currently 43 “members in good standing” and 38 members in attendance. Jon Wissler asked for a clarification of the definition of “member in good standing”. A “member in good standing” was defined as a member who has paid dues for the coming year. There was general agreement that a quorum was present.

Secretary, Steve Gould, read the minutes from last year’s meeting. The minutes were approved by voice vote.


Blue Lake Commissioner, Jason McGowan, reported that things went well on the Lake last summer. He is planning a couple of boat registration days in early June.

Vice President, Bob Hood, reported on the aquatic weed control status. The herbicide permit process is costly and cumbersome, and there may be other potential alternatives that could be implemented without the need for a permit. Dave Trask inquired about allowing weeds to be disposed of at Metro’s compost pile. Jim Lind said it was against their policy to allow aquatic weeds to be included in the compost.

Steve Gould reported on the revision made to the Bylaws as a result of decisions made at last year’s annual meeting. Steve also discussed the need for major revisions to the Bylaws to better reflect the current status of Interlachen, Inc.

Debbi Bristow presented the budget and income statement for the coming year. The budget was approved by voice vote.

Park & Road Commissioner, Terry Schulz, reported that Abel Chavez would continue the landscaping maintenance. Terry also reported that four additional speed bumps would be installed in the next month or so. A suggestion was made to have Mr. Chavez also maintain the area around the Interlachen sign at the east end of Interlachen Lane.

Terry declined to be nominated as an Honorary Member of Interlachen, Inc.

FLPOA & IPUD Liaison, Lance Pattock, joined the Board in October. He has attended FLOPA meetings and chaired the Fairview Lake Boat Launch Feasibility Committee.

President, Shelley Oleachea-Caufield, thanked the Board members of Interlachen, Inc. for their service this past year. Shelley recognized Terry for coordinating the recent installation of the new speed bump on Interlachen Lane. She also reviewed the Interlachen, Inc. website and encouraged members to start visiting the site. A distribution box will be installed on the bulletin board at the easement for monthly minutes and announcements. Shelley also commented on the need for additional volunteers to serve on the Board of Governors and support the association.


A committee was formed to review and revise the Bylaws and present a recommendation at the next annual meeting. Jon Wissler, Steve Gould, and Tom Schuberg agreed to serve on the committee.


Audit Committee – Ernie Brawley confirmed Interlachen, Inc. bank balances. He also made the following recommendations:
Nonmembers should be invoiced for services as applicable.
Better description on invoices as to what is being invoiced.
Investment at Merrill Lynch should be cancelled because of fees.
Move some checking account balance into an interest bearing account.

Social Committee – Bettianne Goetz reviewed the various social events that occurred last year. She also thanked everyone who helped support the social committee and asked for suggestions for additional activities for the coming year. The social committee budget has increased to $1000 for the new year.

Historian Committee – Kay Moultrie-Tucker introduced the members of the committee and discussed their goal of preserving the history of Interlachen. The committee has created three Interlachen history books and the first one will be presented to the Troutdale Historical Society. The other two books are available for review by Interlachen members. An award was presented to Susan Myers for her work on the calendar last year.

Nominating Committee – The nominating committee presented Al Goetz as a nominee for the Board of Governors. Al was elected to the Board by unanimous voice vote.


Lance Pattock presented a Fairview Lake Boat Launch Report that updates the status of a potential Fairview Lake boat launch site that was discussed at last year’s meeting. The report recommends a launch site be constructed at the Nick and Maidie Welsh Park, but a number of issues must still be addressed and resolved before this can be finalized. Larry Zgonc spoke about concerns related to the proximity of the park play area to the proposed launch site. A motion was made and seconded to place a boat launch at the Nick and Maidie Welsh Park subject to the approval of a site plan; including a review of a fee structure, liability risk exposure, and construction costs to be presented at the next annual meeting or a special meeting. The motion passed; 24 in favor, 2 opposed.

The meeting was adjourned.

Contact Person Recording the Minutes:
Secretary: Shelley Oleachea-Caufield
or any board member for year 2005/2006