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Time: 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Contact Board Member:
Next meeting to be advised
To determine where, how, & the funding of a Fairview Boat Lake Launch.
Board Member Attendees:
Lance Pattock, Terri Schulz, Don Tuttle, Carl Marking, Al Geotz and George Lingelbach.
Fairview Lake Boat Launch ReportCommittee was formed Nov 04. Members included Lance Pattock, Terri
Shultz, Don Tuttle, Carl Marking, Al Geotz and George Lingelbach.

City of Fairview recommends that a boat launch for Interlachen and
FLPOA members is located on private land so we can control who launches a
motorized boat onto Fairview Lake. If City controlled who could or
could not launch at one of their city park sites, then they could be sued
for discrimination of some sort and they don’t want to go there.

Reviewed 4-5 potential sites and narrowed search to one site; to
construct a ramp at Nick and Madie Welch Park on western edge of park
property where an old ramp existed eons ago.

FLPOA has offered up to $10,000 to construct boat ramp and help pay
insurance premiums.

Liability on the ramp is a key issue to be resolved.

Control of ramp use and policing of boats requesting to launch is
another issue to be ironed out; do we assign a board member for ramp
control? Who issues key for launch access, collects fees, etc.

Board of Directors of Interlachen Inc. recognizes the importance of a
gated ramp for its members. They recommend we proceed with construction
of ramp at the Welch Park site at a rough estimated cost of $5000.
Interlachen should retain control of ramp and charge FLPOA members a fee
to use ramp during designated launch times and only to FLPOA licensed,
insignia designated boats and a signed ramp liability waiver.
Appropriate launch fee to be determined during a special meeting if project
approved by membership.

Pro and Cons of Selected site:

Nick and Madie Welch Park site:
Pro-Is an old ramp site.
Pro-Better accessibility to and for a boat launch.
Pro-Interlachen Inc. owns the ramp.
Pro-Interlachen members have ramp access to Fairview Lake.

Con-Liability issue to nonmember’s (FLPOA boats) use of ramp.
Con-Jeopardize native plant project at waters edge.
Con-Financial impact, construction estimate has not been detailed, just
a “rough” estimate.
Con-What rights of access to ramp exists if we accept any FLPOA money?
Con-Interlachen would have to control nonmember use of ramp for access.
Con-Zgonc’s (landowner west of Welch Park) expressed concerns of chosen
ramp site!
During annual meeting in April 2005, membership directed committee to
finalize proposed costs and design of proposed boat launch site. Next
committee meeting TBA.

Contact Person Recording the Minutes:
Lance Pattock
503 665-3309