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Time: 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Contact Board Member:
Residence of Bob Hood
Board Member Attendees:
Debbi Bristow,Bob Hood,Steve Gould,Lance Pattock
Vice President, Bob Hood called the meeting to order. The minutes from the January meeting were approved without changes.Secretary, Steve Gould reported that the Bylaws have been revised to include the changes that were approved at the last annual meeting. It was noted that the Bylaws do not accurately reflect the current structure of the Association and it was recommended that a committee be formed to revise the Bylaws next year.

Treasurer, Debbi Bristow reported that the checking account balance is $21,109.96. Payments were approved for Steve Gould ($8.40) for copies; Lloyd Purdy Insurance ($93.00) for a bond; and Bank of America ($30.00) for the safety deposit box. Debbi also reported that the credit from PGE for lights is currently at $12.39, and the Merrill Lynch account has a balance of $145.38.
REMINDER: Invoices for next year’s association membership will be distributed early in March.
Board members that attended the special Blue Lake meeting last month reported that Metro was very receptive to comments and suggestions that were presented by the residents.
Questions have been raised about the possible effect Fairview Lake may have on water temperatures in the Columbia Slough. Linda Hulme, the City’s water expert, reports that the draft DEQ report for the Willamette Basin indicates that Fairview Lake is not a significant contributor to increased water temperatures in the Columbia Slough. Apparently since the water stays in the lake and very little goes into the Slough, there is no increased temperature from the lake, except perhaps when the water spills in the fall. The increased water temperature in the Slough is attributed to ground water coming into the Slough.


March meeting – TBD.

Meetings are open to anyone who would like to attend.

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