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 Blue Lake Boating Registration & Launching Rules (for boats over 10 horsepower)

1. All boats must be registered by the Blue Lake Commissioner of the Interlachen
Homeowners Association each year. The Blue Lake insignia decal with the current year
must be placed on bow next to state registration number. This is in compliance with
ʻMetro Title 10, Ordinance 10.10 140(a)ʼ which states: “Watercraft belonging to residents
whose property adjoins Blue Lake. Such craft shall be identified by the current decal
and number, of the Interlachen Homeownerʼs Association.”

2. Only one powered boat in excess of 10 horsepower per property owner. Boats must
be owned by residents whose property adjoins Blue Lake. Rental properties are not
allowed to have a boat on the lake.

3. Registration fee for Interlachen members will be $75, while non-member registration
will be $275.

4. All owners must provide copies of the boat title (specifying dimensions and
ownership) and of current liability insurance.

5. Maximum allowed boat length is 18ʼ centerline, unless the boat is AWSA certified as
an approved water ski tow boat, at which point a maximum length of 20ʼ6” centerline is
allowed. Note: Any boat currently licensed that exceeds this regulation must apply for
and receive a grandfather exclusion. Said exclusion will apply only to that specific boat
and property owner, and will not apply to any future replacement boat or subsequent
transfer and sale of said boat to another Blue Lake property owner.

6. No fat sacks, ballastʼs, wedges, or other wake enhancing devices of any kind will be
allowed on Blue Lake licensed boats. If a boat comes so equipped and meets all other
Blue Lake regulations, the owner must disable the enhancement capability.

7. No towers, cages, or extended pylons will be allowed on Blue Lake licensed boats. If
a boat comes so equipped, and meets all other Blue Lake regulations, the boat may be
licensed, but the owner must agree that they will not be placed in service while operated
on Blue Lake.

8. All members in good standing of Interlachen Inc Homeowners Association may
launch smaller crafts onto the lake with no required registration or fee (i.e. canoes,
paddle boats, inflatable boats, sailboats, etc.).

a. No jet skis are allowed on the lake.

b. No visiting boats are allowed on the lake. An exemption can be made for a
demonstration boat by a Blue Lake property owner if that owner has a serious intent to
buy. Permission must be obtained from the Blue Lake Commissioner before launching
the demonstration boat and all time restraints given by the Commissioner must be

9. To launch a boat residents must pay the park entrance fee and then may launch or
remove licensed boats at the park ramp during the following hours:

a. Sept 30 through April 30 launch times; any park hours (8 am to legal sunset).

b. May through Sept. 30 launch times: Mon. – Fri. from 8 am to 11 am; Sat-Sun &
Holidays from 8 am to 9 am. NOTE: When launching from May 1 – Sept. 30,
residents must obtain the key for the boat ramp locking bollard from the Lake
Commissioner or other approved board member. Residents must replace and lock
bollard upon departure.

Blue Lake Operating Rules

1. It is the boat ownerʼs responsibility to know and to follow all Oregon State laws
concerning boating regulations, including the requirement to pass the State’s boating
course and receive a boater’s card.

2. Boat operators must be a minimum of 16 years of age and must be a relative of the
approved Blue Lake home owner. The home owner will take all responsibility for the
actions of the person driving their boat; including liability issues and the possible
revoking of the Blue Lake license.

3. Boating activities over the speed of 5 mph are only allowed while the green flag is
flying at the parkʼs boat dock.

4. No wake enhancing devices are allowed while boating on Blue Lake. This includes
the practice of loading the boat with a large number of people. There should never be
more than 4 people in the boat unless the traveling under the no wake speed of 5

5. All towed devices (such as inner tubes, boogie boards, etc.)

a. Have a Quick Release

b. Only one rider per seat on all multi-occupant towed devices.

6. “No Wake” policy (5 mph or less) must be observed when:

a. The red flag is displayed on the Park’s dock.

b. Traveling after dark (up to one hour after legal sunset).

c. During any sporting event held on Blue Lake (i.e. Pro Tour or Triathlon).

7. A maximum speed of 35 mph will be observed when more than three boats of any
kind are on the lake.

8. Powerboats will adhere to following restrictions:

a. While traveling in excess of 5 mph boats will keep a minimum of 100 feet from

b. Will travel counter-clockwise around the lake when other boats are on the lake.

c. Will use a red/orange “skier down” flag when a skier/rider or equipment is in the

d. Will recognize boats waiting for their turns (idling at either end of the lake) and will
yield to them after one ride.

e. Will yield to all smaller non-powered boats (i.e. paddle boats, sailboats, canoes,

f. Will not land or dock on park grounds.